Sending Snooze Bunks into a space themed room

Forget the glow in the dark stickers on the ceiling.

We took a space themed room to a whole new level in our most recent room makeover using the Snooze Bondi Bunks.

Lisa from Bear and Sparrow actually came up with this theme.  She’s a clever cookie that one.

We even have a behind the scenes video for you courtesy of Visual Abode.

The inspo to pull this room together came from a KMart hack on the circle shelves, which Bear and Sparrow will tell you all about very soon.

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Three ways to make kids rooms feel bigger than they are

STUFF.  We all have a lot of it, it’s just that some of us sort it better than others, especially when it comes to kids rooms.

And by sort, I mean hide.

But, I’m here to tell you that there are some sneaky ways you can make a room seem a little more spacious.


This is going to seem ridiculous, but leave two corners in the room unfilled if you can.  I like to keep them diagonally apart but that will depend on the room layout of course.

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Journey to self-confidence with Hypoxi #mumlifehack

In the beautiful flattering lights of the Myer change rooms almost 25yrs ago, I turned around to check the back of the swimmers I’d just put on.


And I cried.  I ripped off the bathers, devastated that somehow between seasons my bum and thighs now resembled the orange stand at a fruit shop.

Ever since then, I’ve been a board shorts kind of girl.

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Creating a Circus Room with Snooze Bondi Bunks

snooze room34

If you’ve ever scrolled the Insta feeds of myself or Bear and Sparrow, there is one MAJOR thing we have in common.

Apart from being awesome.

We both love colour.  Love love love love.

If colour was a person, it would take out a restraining order on us.

So in keeping with the hashtag #mumswhostyle, we want to show you different ways that you can introduce a theme or colour palette into your child’s room without making it look like a paint department threw up all over it.

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Expressive and receptive language difficulties – a new road for us.

It’s pretty rare that I blog twice in one night, given that sometimes I struggle to write once a week.

Tonight I’ve got a stack of other work to do.  Emails to answer, mood boards to quote, items to order.

But I feel sick.

I’m re-reading the same Speech Pathology report over and over again for Sam, and feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt that I should have acted earlier on my instincts.

“severe difficulty understanding”…. “well below age level”… “severe receptive and expressive language difficulties”.

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Skinny jeans are back in rotation thanks to Hypoxi

You know how sales assistants always tell you to go down a size to allow for stretch in denim?

Well my sized-down jeans were banished to the back of the wardrobe when they started cutting off blood supply to my lower extremities.

I wore them repeatedly (at the risk of gangrene to tissue below my knees), and I also did a stupid amount of squats but those suckers never stretched.

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Our epic laneway family photos with Jennifer Horner Photography

styling mama feb 2017-34 (700 x 275)

Jen – you did it.  You overcame my fear (complete loathing) for family photoshoots.

Ever since our early years of pixifotos, and then venturing into lifestyle shoots, the thought of family photos made me want to vomit.  Or at least get me admitted to a cardiac ward for blood pressure monitoring.

All the “what ifs”race through my mind.  What if the kids are being all silly/crazy/screaming/fighting/yelling/uncooperative and/or partially nude (so just a normal day really) and it’s a total disaster and the photographer vows never to take another photo again because we scar her so badly.

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Tween Girls Bedroom Ideas: Collaborative Room Makeover

Making over a tween girls bedroom is really easy….. if you’re a mind reading, telepathic, interpretative and future predictive genius.

So, in other words – it’s bloody TOUGH to decorate a tween girl’s bedroom.  Even for me and I have my own tween girls bedroom to practice on.

That said, let’s amp up the difficulty factor.

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Stuff for Mums to do these School Holidays

Is it even possible to find stuff for Mums to do these school holidays?  There are 50 billion websites dedicated to school holiday activities. 50 billion trillion ideas for the kids.


I don’t know about you, but I’m about to go mental if I don’t get some time out soon.  But seeing as I’m a FIFO wife, I can’t see it happening.

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Hyped up about Hypoxi targeted cellulite reduction

Hypoxi targeted cellulite reduction (say whaaaaat??)

So this little number I’m wearing here is all about Hypoxi targeted cellulite reduction.  Bloody cellulite.  That stuff has been on my thighs since I was a teenager, and no matter how much weight I lost, there it was with it’s not-so-cute dimples staring back at me.

Hypoxi Targeted Cellulite Reduction

If you think I look HAWT, it’s because I bloody was.  I was sweating up a storm in a half hour session that target my thighs, hips and butt and reduce cellulite.  Woot woot!

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