How are you styling your Make and Style It Moon Shelf?

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July 12, 2016

Make and Style It Moon Shelf - Pastel Play Room_1

We can’t wait to start seeing all the ways you clever people style your Make and Style It Moon shelf – the very first release from Bear and Sparrow and The Styling Mama’s new collaboration!

So while we (very impatiently) wait to see your awesome DIY skills, I’ll start showing you more ways to style your masterpieces with the help of some amazing small businesses and their even more amazing products.

Today was all about that bass…. actually, it was all about pastels.  I’ll do a boys version of this very soon, I promise!

Check out how it turned out – I’ll list off the suppliers and provide the links to their stores at the end so make sure you scroll down once you’ve had an eyeful.

I know I’ve said it before, but I think the trick to styling decorative shelving is minimal decor.

Choose a few select pieces that you just LOVE.  This is definitely a time when more isn’t merrier.  You want to be able to take in the detail of the shelf, and have items that complement each other.  In other words – a bit of empty shelving is perfectly fine!

Make and Style It Moon Shelf - Pastel Play Room 2

I’ve used a three pieces to style the Make and Style It Moon Shelf.  If your pieces were a bit smaller, you could perhaps add one or two more.

The hot air balloon does a great job at filling in some of the extra space.  If you are using the star to hang done (you’ll need to check out the instructions over at Bear and Sparrow for all the details), then the hot air balloon could also look cute hanging from the top shelf.

Play around with what you have, and take pictures with it styled differently.  Sometimes an image on a camera can help you see it from a different perspective if you’re not quite sure what it needs.

Make and Style It Moon Shelf - Pastel Play Room 3

The gorgeous kitchen hutch adds extra space for you to pop bigger items, like the rainbow or bunny.

This would also work if you’re hanging the moon near a bedside table, or over a set of drawers.  I used a hot air balloon with a tad more colour here, but you could switch them up if you are using bright pastels in your moon shelf.

This area just called for sweet pieces, hence the pear and the concrete planter.  These could also work in the moon shelf too, so if you have similar pieces or are biting the bullet and caving to your shopping desires,  you can switch them in and out of the moon to keep a fresh style whenever you feel like mixing it up.

Make and Style It Moon Shelf - Pastel Play Room 3

With such statement pieces around, you won’t need much else on the wall.  I’ve chosen this print for it’s colours and style – not too matchy matchy but perfectly matched, if you get my drift.

I chose to use mismatched chairs, number one because I couldn’t decide between the designs and number 2, because they’re perfectly mismatched.  Yep, I did it again on the whole matching/not really matching thing.  Sorrrreeee.

Make and Style It Moon Shelf - Pastel Play Room 4

Because I chose to use a rug that was sweet and small, I had some extra floor space to play with and a corner that needed some TLC.  You could try just draping a pompom rug like this one over a chair, or even hanging it nearby.  The pompoms are pattern enough!

You could even stack some blankets against the wall, and top with a feature cushion like this star cushion if you’re looking for other ways to fill space.

So there you have it – some gorgeous new products to fill your Make and Style It shelf.

I’ll do a monochrome or boys version of this next – afterall, girls can’t have all the fun, right?  And I’ve got some great ideas and products of how to style it using on-trend products that you and your kids will love!

Here is the product list in case you’re off to the shops.  Don’t forget to follow Make and Style It on Instagram and tag us in your pics!

Silver Tiara – Schooza

Hot Air Balloons – Little Sotty

Rubix cube and Rainbow – The Wooden Nook

Wall Print – Muffin and Mate

Concrete Flower Pot – That Little Nook

Chairs – The Little Collection Chairs

Book and cupcake stackers – Bowerbird Impulsive Necessities

Hutch – Willow and Wood

Pear – A Peachy Pear

Star – Pine and Twine

Bunny – Faith Lane

Star Cushion – Ava and Ann Handmade

Pom Pom Blanket – Willow and the Owl

Crochet Rug – Love Indi Lou

Mug – Wiggles Piggles



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