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It occurred to me how predictable I’ve become.  But in a good way (I think, anyway).


Because you’ll never see me do monochrome, or neutrals.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good black and white room.  And would kill for neutral tones through my house.

But when it comes to kids rooms, I just can’t do it.  It’s not in my DNA.

So many of my favourite stylists do monochrome to perfection, yet I can’t seem to pull it off.

Maybe I’m just not cut out for it.  The colour creeps in, and I am instantly in my comfort zone.

Today I added the coolest world map from Wondermade to Rhys’ room (he’s your typical threenager).

It’s busy, it’s fun, it’s educational, it looks gorgeous.

BONUS – I can move it around because it’s removable and repositionable because yes, I’m extremely indecisive and need to change things regularly.

But best of all, Rhys loves it.


When you’re adding colour to a kids’ room, there are a few tips to remember so that it doesn’t look like someone randomly pegged a rainbow into the room (which can also look cool, done right… another thing I am yet to master).

Here are my tips on how to add colour to a kid’s space and keep your style, too.

Pick 3 colours and use those as your base colours


Find shades/variations of those colours, or items that include those colours.


Use textures and height to draw the eyes around the space

Don’t feel like you have to line things up.  Blu tac things up and stand back and see where you think it needs to go to make the space work.

Adding different levels and using the base colours you’ve chosen also helps to tie the room together, so things that are “out of place” don’t seem as random.

I’ve said a few times before that it can help to bring things “out” from the wall.

Use the space in the room to create a world that works for your child to play in.  Rather than tuck our costume stand into the corner, I have it standing slightly away from everything so that the kids can pull the stuff off if they need (and saves my walls, too).

The Willow and Wood Rolly Box is on wheels (as the name implies), so we often pull it right out for play time, or I find it in another room.

It’s full of random stuff, so you can always hide that stuff with a cushion (or a few, in this case).


Add the things that your child treasures most

Rhys is a superhero fan, so we have a fair bit of “superhero” stuff.  I use the toyboxes and woven bags to store all the bits and pieces.

Yes, they’ll get tipped out.

Yes, you’ll put them back 674 times a day (it feels like, anyway).

But if you keep like with like, it makes it easier for them to find their own things.

I’d like to say it MAY help them to learn to tidy, but I’d hate to jinx anything for you.  And I find that happens so randomly that it’s not a claim I’m willing to make in my house.


Having a plain background can help if  you want to use more colour (we used the untinted base coat from Dulux to do these walls).

And you can always balance it out with some natural/neutral colours such as beech or pine if you’re worried about it looking like a packet of skittles created a breeding zone in your kid’s room.

The most important thing is that the space works for  you.  Let’s be honest – Rhys’ shelves DO NOT always look like this.  Half of his toys get knocked over, replaced, played with.

So my lucky last tip is not to put too much on the shelves.  Keep it simple, just a few things in each part.  For one thing, it makes it easier to move things to clean.

And it also makes it easier to tidy at the end of the day if you want to keep it looking styled.

Hope that helps!


World Map Wall Poster Decal – Wondermade

Postbox, Australia Stacking Blocks, Iconic Ferry – Make Me Iconic

Vintage Car – Confetti Kids

Dragon Wings/tail – The Wacky Wardrobe

Moonface Softie – Moonasaurus

Koala Cushion – Xander Lou Kids

Hat and sunglasses – Goose and Dust

Wall Banner, Adventure blocks – Muffin and Mate

Chief Hoppi – Faith Laine

Batmobile Crayon Holder, Red Retro Radio – Bear and Sparrow

Teepee Money Box – Divine Designs

Maileg Skater Bunny – Mama’s Home

Rhys Name Train – Inspire Me Home and Gifts

Coloured Peg Set – Wild River

Monochrome Nesting Dolls –Sonny and the Dolls

Wooden Penguin – Wiggles Piggles

Red and White Storage Bag – Willow and the Owl

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