Dance With Me – A gorgeous book for all little girls who grow up

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Dance with Me - Penny Harrison.

Remember those ballerina music boxes?  You know the ones I’m talking about.

You wind them up at the back, and the ballerina spins around as cheesy music plays.  They hold treasures.

To be honest, most of the time they just hold lots and lots of bits of broken shells, tiny pieces of glittery paper, unsticky stickers – you know, all the important stuff considered to be treasures by the little girls in our lives.

It’s stuff we try to throw away but it finds its way back, unlike the lost socks and bobby pins, this stuff just keeps getting found.

I never really thought about it until I read Penny Harrison‘s book “Dance with Me” today.  Ahhhh so many memories.

Most of you who know me, know that I’m a sucker for sentiment.

Bring me out a box full of old cards, letters, childhood memories and I’m a goner – pass the tissues, keep them coming and watch my eyes swell up faster than an angry puffer fish.

So when Penny said her book came about because her mum gave her a box full of her childhood memories, instantly that feeling of nostalgia washed over me.

Holding onto treasures that your own hands held onto as a child, then passing them into the hands of your own child: that feeling, wow.

It’s like you’re handing them your memories, ready to begin their new path.


And this book is exactly that – it’s about handing on the memories that we once held so tight to the next person to enjoy.

Yes, I’m getting teary thinking and writing about this.  I may be a little oversensitive when it comes to this stuff.

Maybe that needs to be a warning that pops up when you arrive on my blog…


And even if your little one is too young to understand the sentiment, they’ll love the story of the ballerina trying to find someone to dance with her.


Of being packed away until it was time to be rediscovered, retreasured, reloved.


And let’s face it – gorgeous pictures of ballerinas are also a winner too.

dsc_0023  dsc_0042-2  dsc_0043


I’m a huge fan of books as gifts, and this one definitely makes a pretty present!

Wrap it up and pop it under your tree this year for a special little girl who loves to dance, who loves to dress up, or who just loves to read.

I even read it to my boys tonight, who then tried to do ballet pirouettes.

I’ll have to record that one to hand them down, I think.

Penny’s book “Dance with Me” is hardcover (always a winner), and you can get it over at EK Books.  Happy dancing xxx

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