GUEST BLOG: 12 Tips to surviving a road trip while pregnant

Long car trips while pregnant

Posted by on May 23, 2018

Road trips can be fun and are a wonderful way to see the countryside.  Planning a trip while pregnant can be just as much fun, however, you may need to consult your healthcare provider first, depending on the distance you plan to travel, the length of time you plan to be away and the history of your pregnancy thus far.  

Women who have experienced some complications during pregnancy might want to reconsider a longer road trip.

Break the trip up

Depending on the length of the trip, it may be advisable to break the trip up over a few days.  This way your body gets a long recovery stop and a good night’s sleep before embarking on the remainder of the journey.


Choose a route that allows you to stop and take breaks whenever you want to.  This route might take you off the main highways, so it is important to allow plenty of time for travel to avoid rushing.

route for road trip while pregnant


When you stop, get out of the car and stretch your arms and legs.  Go for a small walk to help get your muscles working and the blood pumping.  Avoid sitting down during this time.

Sit in the front

Place your seat back as far as possible and stretch your legs out.  Allow plenty of room around you to avoid feeling squashed and uncomfortable.

Wear comfortable clothing

Avoid restrictive clothing that clings to your body.   Choose fabrics that are soft and luxurious and keep the skin cool i.e. cotton’s and or modals will allow the skin to breath and will help to avoid irritation.

Wear comfortable shoes

Avoid wearing restrictive enclosed shoes.  Opt for loose slippers or thongs. They will feel super comfortable and will allow your feet to comfortably rest during the trip.

Take a pillow

Take a small pillow and or a comfortable blanket to help pad and support your body if needed.

Be a passenger

Avoid driving and enjoy the trip.

This way you can take sneaky sleeps or simply lay back and rest as your partner focuses on the road.

Keep cool

Keep the car well ventilated to avoid overheating.  Leave the window ajar a little to allow for fresh air to circulate.

Air conditioning is great should the air temperature be too hot or cold.  However, it can tend to dry the air out causing your skin to dehydrate. So avoid air conditioning when necessary.

Take plenty of snacks

Pack plenty of healthy snack options in the car before you leave and top up during the trip if necessary.

This way you can eat when you want and you are not dependent on roadside cafés or restaurants.

road trip while pregnant - snacking

Keep hydrated

Take plenty of fresh water in the car and keep will hydrated by drinking regularly. However, avoid drinking excessive amounts, as you are likely to want to use the toilet frequently.  Toilets may not always be readily available.

Combat nausea

Some women suffer from motion sickness while pregnant.  Some ways to help combat nausea are:

  • Keep your eyes on the road
  • Nibble on ginger biscuits or other foods with ginger in them
  • Sipping on Ginger beer
  • Wearing a motion sickness bracelet
  • Eating regularly (small snacks)
  • Sucking on lollies.

Happy travels!


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