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Posted by on September 6, 2016

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FACT: I started off with the heading Coo-coo over Le Bebe Coo.  Because I really am crazy for this stuff. My kids will back that up.

And maybe the neighbours.  *mental note – follow up that neighbours don’t think I’m crazy.

You know why?  It’s because winter bloody kills me in our house.

Beside the fact that my kids wear thongs in winter and boots in summer, there’s a few other factors:

Out of 7 of us, 4 of of struggle with sensitive skin, including multiple skin allergies.  Plus my poor Joshie (age 7) battles with eczema every day, no matter what the season.

We avoid soaps, moisturise, use medicated creams, change our diet – yadayadayadaya.  We do it all.

And sometimes we just need to try something new to see if it’s ok for us all to use.

So we had the chance to try Le Bebe Coo and I went for it.  Let’s face it – if there’s a skincare product out there that could be used for all of us, I want to know about it!

I already knew it was all about luxury, using natural ingredients (no nasties!) and organic extracts.  But doesn’t everything claim that these days?  I needed to see for myself if it was any good.

So here’s the down and dirty on what I found about getting clean with

Le Bebe Coo Skincare

It arrived.  Oh my gosh.  I didn’t want to open any of it because the packaging is oooohhhh soooooo pretty and looks so divine all lined up in our bathroom. I may have put it on the shelf and stood back just appreciating the pretty for an amount of time that could be considered awkward.

I mean, little black bows on the lids? I die.  This is skincare that puts itself on display.

le bebe coo_the styling mama_4

Common sense told me I needed to at least pop the lid to smell it.  So I sniffed.  And I sniffed again, a little deeper this time, inhaling all the fragrance.

And then I made my husband sniff it.

Then I made each of the kids sniff it.  Multiple times.

I’m pretty sure I sounded like a crazy woman running around the house repeating:

“Smell this.  Did you smell it?  Like, really smell it?  Isn’t it beautiful?? Smell it again.  See?? I could smell this all day.  Oh, smell this one too…. and this!!

HEY YOU – GET BACK HERE AND SNIFF THIS STUFF NOW!” (as the kids ran scared for their nasal passages and possibly their lives)

It may have only been 3pm, but the kids looked awfully dirty (from a microscopic point of view), so I decided it was in my their best interest to wash them:

A) to clean them (being the obvious objective) and;

B) to road test my new Le Bebe Coo goodies.

Let’s just say the Bedtime Bath smell is like the ultimate addiction – imagine that freshly bathed baby smell and then put it in a bottle.  THAT addictive.

Chamomile, lavender….. I might have dozed off if I didn’t have three kids flicking truckloads of beautifully smelling bubbles my way.

And it ALL smells that good.

Since then, we’ve used the Shampoo and the Head-to-Toe wash almost every day.

Soph (11) and I use the Leave-in detangler for our long hair.  My hair (which usually looks like I’ve had a run in with an electrical socket), instantly calms and softens.

le bebe coo_the styling mama_2

Or maybe that’s just the flow on effect from all the good stuff that’s in it.  Who knows…

The real test though was using the Nourishing Lotion of Josh’s skin, with his ezcema.  OMG – win.

He smelt delicious (I may owe him some counselling in years to come from smelling him repeatedly after applying it), but it also gave him relief from the dryness he usually gets between flare ups.

And it spreads on easily too, which means he was applying it himself if he felt dry or itchy.

I also used the Diaper Ointment (barrier protection) on his knees and elbows at night and in the mornings, before he went to school for some added protection and it’s definitely made a difference.  We’ve had way less flare ups than usual, and he hasn’t been scratching during the night since we started using it.

le bebe coo_the styling mama_6


Oh, and I took the Baby Lipstick for myself.  Purely because I wanted it 😉  Pucker up hubby, this mama’s lips are good for the smooching.

le bebe coo_the styling mama_3

As a nurse with a background in skin and wound care, I love this stuff.  If you don’t get it for you, then it makes the best baby shower gift (I mean, it pretty much wraps itself it’s so pretty).

If you want to read about all the stuff that’s in it, and what’s NOT in it, then you can go to the website Le Bebe Coo.

Hope you love it as much as I do!

Love Kel

PS- Product was gifted to me, but all opinions and expressions in this post are my own.  No payments were taken for this post, I just really like it. And it looks pretty, don’t you think?