Back to School with the DYMO COLORPOP Label Maker.

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Posted by on January 25, 2019

Getting organised for the new school year with the DYMO COLORPOP Label Maker.


I’m determined to start the new school year off on the right foot.

Or as it may be in this case, with the right labels.

Yep, watch out kids – #immagonnalabeleverything.

I’m so sick of losing containers and drink bottles.  I’m pretty sure that the money I’ve spent on replacing lost school supplies could have easily funded an overseas holiday.

I’m being serious too – five kids, five times as much chance of losing STUFF.

I had the chance to try out the DYMO COLORPOP label maker, which I’m certain was invented for emoji addicts such as myself.  You read right – the DYMO COLORPOP label maker HAS FREAKING EMOJIS AND SYMBOLS.

You don’t have to use them of course, but who even are you if you don’t feel compelled to chuck a smiley face at the end of your kids’ name.

DYMO Label Maker Back to School

DYMO: Label Anything. Label Everything.

We picked up our school supplies the other day.  Actually, I picked up just three of the five packs. I like to stagger out my workload.

Read: I’ve procrastinated and not ordered the high school stuff yet.

Holy guacamole, I now feel like an organisational guru mashed with Oprah.

And yoooouuuu get a label.

And youuuuuuuuu get a label.




What I really wanted to do was give the kids the chance to label their own supplies.

Kind of like if they label it themselves, they’ll be motivated to make sure it doesn’t get lost, right? Let’s see how that genius tactic goes.

*narrator: but deep down she knew she was wrong.

Either way, they had a ball changing up the font, the label colours and choosing the appropriate emojis and symbols to add on.

This is how one of the conversations went:

Josh:  I’m all finished labelling my books mum.

Me:  Oh awesome work buddy, I’m so prou……. Wait, what is that?

Josh:  It’s the poop emoji.

Me:  Ummmmmm I’m pretty sure we can’t put the poop emojis on our school books.

Josh:  But what else would I want to use on school books?

Well played, Josh.  Well played.

As usual, I checked the stickiness of the labels.  These suckers weren’t going anywhere in a hurry.

And they looked a hell of a lot better than me scrawling their name in permanent marker every few days.

I mean, who doesn’t want silver glitter labels with a cool sunglasses face emoji???

Different ways to use your DYMO COLORPOP Label Maker

The big question is – why should the kids have all the fun with the DYMO COLORPOP label maker?

So I decided to label some extremely important stuff of my own.

You know, like coffee.  Just in case there was any ambiguity about what the coffee was for.


I also have huge plans to label the drawers in the study nook.

One for school notes, one for bills, one for stuff that I should be doing something with but it doesn’t have to be done anytime soon so it can sit in a random pile a little longer.

I love the fact that the DYMO COLORPOP label maker is pretty fool proof too.  Open up the back to change the tape colour, pop the new one in and close.

It’s simplicity makes me feel like I am a technical mastermind, and it’s endless possibilities for creativity thanks to the colours, emojis and symbols means that Marie Kondo and Pro Hart have met their match.

So I’ve officially labelled the plastics, school books and stationary, and I resisted labelling the perfectly obvious stuff around the house.

Although I can’t help but feel like the kids aren’t sure what the dishwasher is, given the amount of dishes that go on top of it rather than in it….

Surely it’s ok to label that with “dishes go here”, right?

Ok, so now that I’ve rambled about my labelling shenanigans, it’s your turn to get on board and get #lifelabelled.

You can pick up your DYMO COLORPOP exclusively at Officeworks and get cracking and remember to label anything and label everything.  Go totally Oprah with those labels.

But be warned – it’s verrrrryyyy addictive.  And very therapeutic.

At least our containers will look amazing and funky when they get returned after being lost.