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You mention the word Dollhouse to one of my boys and they roll their eyes and instantly say it’s for girls.

It conjures up images of pink, of girls playing with their dolls – it reeks of femininity.

There’s nothing wrong with that, except that by association, it means that a boy might be less inclined to play with it (even if every bone in his body want to check out that mini fridge (minibar?).

Because it’s a “girls toy”.

Jen from Whimsy Woods has created a new angle for the traditional Dollhouse.

Action Houses.

All the miniature decor pieces that we’ve come to love so much, with the scale versions of popular and on trend items.

Faux plants and all.

I die.


Yesterday it arrived at my door and I had to fight the urge to run out to the Courier van and scan it out myself.

Instead, I waited, all casual and calm like the professional** that I am….

**on the inside there may have been some form of jumping up and down and clapping.

I meticulously unwrapped every piece, drinking in the attention to detail, the quality, the creative masterpiece that Whimsy Woods had created for my youngest boys.

And once I’d styled all those teeny tiny pieces, I realised.


There could be HUGE repercussions if I was to put this in someone’s room.


So for now, the common area is the home for it.


And then I also get to keep track of where everything is, because I think I may have a not-so-mini heartattack if one of the mini cushions goes missing.


Not even out of their school and kindy clothes.  Usually it’s straight to wash hands then onto raiding the pantry, but this time it was hands then PLAY TIME.

Sam is 4 and Josh is 7.  Rhys,3, was asleep at this stage so he got in on the action (lol – bad pun) when he got up too.


I wasn’t sure how Josh would react to it.  Would it be too babyish?

Clearly my mum radar was WAAAAY off with this one because he was/is besotted with it.

He’s an emergency services fan, so it goes without saying that he thought it was pretty awesome that there was even a police dog in the set.


I know you think these are the same pics, but honestly there is SO much to see in this house.  From the wallpaper and the circle shelfie on the top level:



To the teeny kitchen, the dog bowls, the little jail…. those faux plants.


The little rugs.  The grid board.  It’s all so SO good.

To say that this is the ultimate present is definitely not an overstatement.  It’s something that will stay in our family for years.

The workmanship and the uniqueness makes it that extra bit special, knowing how much work went into it.

If you’ve got a little boy or girl who is police crazy, then I suggest getting an order in for one of these badboys early.

Just like all good stuff, they get snapped up pretty quick once they are on the market.

Now I’m off to make sure that all items are neat and tidy before the kids get home to play with my their Action House.


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