Brisbane home styling services by The Styling Mama

Brisbane home styling services by The Styling Mama

Feb/10 By

Need help with home styling? Pop the kettle on and let’s do it!

I’m now offering Brisbane home styling help!  I’ve had a stack of emails lately from some incredibly style savvy mums asking if I can help them pull … Read the rest

Colours in kids rooms: do they really matter?

Feb/6 By

I’ve always wondered if using colours in kids rooms made any difference.  So I have to admit that I was more than impressed when I found out that Amanda (Owner of Mama’s Home) was a Educational and Developmental Psychologist (the … Read the rest

Nurseries that swing both ways

Dec/14 By


I’m one of those parents that HAD to know all of our babies genders before they arrived.

I spent hours trying to find out.  That’s no exaggeration either. The first half of my pregnancy flew by, with my eyes firmly … Read the rest

Luxe Christmas Decorating

Nov/28 By


My family might just be historically the most un-luxe decorators on the planet.

When you picture my Christmas, picture homemade decorations, lots of trashy tinsel, keepsake decorations that are older than fossils, with plenty of gorgeous kid’s artwork adorning the … Read the rest

The REAL real kids rooms

Nov/9 By


So I posted this photo on Instagram today.  It’s of Rhys’ room.

He was eating his sandwich, watching ABC for Kids and I took the opportunity to chuck some fresh sheets on his bed before he went down for his … Read the rest

Tween Room Birthday Makeover for Mia

Nov/6 By


Turning double digits is a pretty big deal.

It’s the kid’s equivalent of us hitting the big 5-0 I think, except without the mid-life crisis looming overhead.

Tweens are notoriously hard to buy birthday presents for .

What they want … Read the rest

Creating colourful kids rooms

Oct/27 By



It occurred to me how predictable I’ve become.  But in a good way (I think, anyway).


Because you’ll never see me do monochrome, or neutrals.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good black and white … Read the rest

Home of #mumswhostyle

Oct/11 By



The only way you could wipe the smile off my face right now is if I had to clean any more wee off our toilet floor.

Seeing the hashtag #mumswhostyle start getting around Instagram, and being used by some … Read the rest

Make and Style It: Hello Mountain shelf!

Jun/22 By

boy mt 7

I’m told by Lisa-Marie at Bear and Sparrow that this mountain shelf Kmart hack is pretty easy.  Having never attempted to use tools more than a handful of times in my life, I’ll take her word for it and welcome … Read the rest

Shop this Look with Bowerbird Impulsive Necessities

Feb/7 By

Styling a room for toddler boys can be really difficult.  Their toys and loved favourites are often all different colours and their curious nature really impacts on how much you can have on display.  We have four boys and I … Read the rest