Hyped up about Hypoxi targeted cellulite reduction

Mar/9 By

Hypoxi targeted cellulite reduction (say whaaaaat??)

So this little number I’m wearing here is all about Hypoxi targeted cellulite reduction.  Bloody cellulite.  That stuff has been on my thighs since I was a teenager, and no matter how much weight … Read the rest

The family photoshoot – Tips to choosing the kids’ outfits.

Feb/14 By

I don’t know about you, but choosing clothes for the kids to wear in our family photoshoot is a freaking NIGHTMARE for me.

Family Photoshoot outfits

I have never really understood why people wanted to rock around nude, letting it all hang out … Read the rest

Family photoshoot planning – choosing a theme and location

Feb/10 By

It’s all about planning family photos

To be perfectly honest, planning family photos was never really a priority.  I mean, you turn up, get all your kids looking in the same direction simultaneously and you’re done.  Right?

Needless to say, … Read the rest

How not to fix a bad hair cut

Jan/15 By


I think I might get my hair cut.

They were the last words I uttered before I made the decision to place myself in front of a complete stranger who was armed with a pair of scissors and a … Read the rest

15 minutes of freedom and I panicked

Jan/14 By

After 3 weeks of school holidays and never ending MUUUMs (our record was 18 Mums from one child as he was walking down the hallway to find me), I have forgotten what the words “peace”, “quiet” or “peeing alone” actually … Read the rest

Regrets of a WAHM

Dec/29 By

Do you know what most people say when I tell them I work from home?

“Oh you’re so lucky you get to stay at home and be with the kids and work when you want to.”

Well, yep I am.  … Read the rest

Parenting: Just make it a rule

Dec/9 By


About 9yrs ago, one of my best friends was visiting me and our 3yr old and 1yr old.

She was BC. You know – before children (otherwords to describe may include free, relaxed, carefree, without responsibility for another human, sane, … Read the rest

Home of #mumswhostyle

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The only way you could wipe the smile off my face right now is if I had to clean any more wee off our toilet floor.

Seeing the hashtag #mumswhostyle start getting around Instagram, and being used by some … Read the rest

One for all the coffee drinkers who sacrifice the colour of their teeth to function

Jan/2 By

Gone are the days when you’d hold the camera up and hope that you managed to get you and your mate in the shot (or even partially in the shot was considered a win).

No, now we press a button … Read the rest