Keeping memories alive – the perfect keepsake.

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What are the perfect keepsakes?

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that become a treasured keepsake.  It’s amazing how much you can treasure one thing as a permanent reminder, long after the moment has passed.

The most treasured keepsake of all

If this article is full of … Read the rest

Organically Bare Coffee Scrub with my babe

Jan/19 By

scrub 4

Coffee officially rules my life now that it can come in the shower with me.

I know I’m REALLY late to jump on the coffee scrub band wagon, and I admit that I was sceptical.  Because who wants to see … Read the rest

A Vintage Style Party for Tween Girls

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It’s ridiculous that I have a 12yr old now.

Considering that at 12 I thought I knew everything (it’s highly likely I did, because: awesome), I still look at our oldest and marvel at how grown up she can be … Read the rest


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You mention the word Dollhouse to one of my boys and they roll their eyes and instantly say it’s for girls.

It conjures up images of pink, of girls playing with their dolls – it reeks of femininity.

There’s nothing … Read the rest

Dance With Me – A gorgeous book for all little girls who grow up

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Dance with Me - Penny Harrison.

Remember those ballerina music boxes?  You know the ones I’m talking about.

You wind them up at the back, and the ballerina spins around as cheesy music plays.  They hold treasures.

To be honest, most of the time … Read the rest

Looking for Christmas Inspiration? Here it is!

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Christmas Inspiration 2016

This is what I dream of my Christmas looking like.

But we have kids, and our house isn’t a display home (despite what my Insta feed may look like). so it looks nothing like this. Waaahhhhhhhhh.

BUT – I put … Read the rest

Christmas Down Under…neath All That Wrapping Paper

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Australiana Christmas1

Now I just need to insert a whole bunch of kids wearing thongs and the above picturesque scene would be complete.

(wait – no, that will mess it up.  Stay out kids).

We know how Christmas in Australia goes.… Read the rest

Girl’s Christmas Gift Guide

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You know there’s heaps of stuff out there for girls when you have to split it up into different shoots just to try and capture it all.

Or maybe it’s just because I can’t make up my mind and want … Read the rest

A Christmas for the girls that even Mrs Claus would approve of

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What’s Christmas if you can’t give it a little bling, followed by some sparkles and pink iced donuts, flamingos and swans…

That’s definitely not how it is in my house with 4 boys and 1 tweenage girl who is … Read the rest

Christmas Gift Inspiration for the Boys

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Ok, so nearly all of this stuff is girl friendly too.

It just happens that I had two of my main men there ready to model for this gear, so I’ve popped it all in the BOYS GIFT INSPO category.… Read the rest