Choosing the right flooring with Flooring Xtra

Posted by on September 25, 2018

Ok, so it turns out that I’m definitely NOT a natural when it comes to renovating – especially when it’s a MAJOR event like choosing the right flooring and co-ordinating the whole process. If I have one simple word of advice, it’s this – make sure you choose a product that you LOVE (check), and that your installer knows what they’re doing. Because honestly, if Flooring Xtra hadn’t made this whole process as easy as possible, I may still be rocking in a corner rather than writing this.
This was the finished product… took a while to get to this point but it was worth every piece of dust and dirt!

Starting the process

Choosing the type of flooring I wanted was definitely not the hardest part of reflooring our whole house – I already knew that I wanted Karndean Vinyl Longlength Looselay in Pearl Oak (try saying that 10 times quickly). We had it installed in the play room and lounge room last year, and it had well and truly stood the test of 5 children, 2 adults, 2 cats and all the challenges that go with it. So I knew it would be durable and sexy enough to work through the rest of the living areas. The rest of the living space totalled about 80m2 and was covered in high gloss white tiles. Don’t get me wrong, the tiles weren’t bad. It was just time for an update, and a softer more modern look that comes with Vinyl Flooring. We chose to do our tile removal ourselves to save some cash. Be prepared for mess. Lots of mess. And noise. LOTS of noise. Anywho, we survived. Just.  Now get ready for the very unglam reno pictures. Here’s me during the tile removal process.
*note that my smile does not indicate enjoyment of any sort. 

How the install process works

So we’ve already established that I’m a reno rookie. We did some of the hard yards ourselves, so that when Flooring Xtra came to do the prep, the surface was as good as we could get it. Unfortunately we have a soft concrete slab, which I thought would be a nightmare and end up needing a flood coat (which is pretty much how it sounds – they flood the flooring with a layer of concrete so that the surface is completely flat). But our awesome installers were confident that with a bit more prep work, they could fix the surface enough to just do a skim coat (a light coating) to level out the bumps. Phew. As you can see, we were also coordinating the kitchen removal and install at the same time, which was not ideal but we had some great advice from the Flooring Xtra install team that made it work. Pretty unglamourous isn’t it?? But in the big scheme of things, the install was actually the easy part! And to top it off, here are the STUNNING pics of the finished rooms.
Family room goals – check.
My home office.
I love how the floor looks different in different areas, depending on the lighting and time of day.
I’ll be adding ALL the pics of the finished reno very soon. Because honestly, you NEED to see how this flooring looks in our new kitchen. EERRRRMAGHERD. Huge thanks to Flooring Xtra for working with me on this epic project (well, it was epic in my books.  It was probably a walk in the park for those gurus). I can’t wait to keep sharing more of the after pics!