Christmas Down Under…neath All That Wrapping Paper

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Australiana Christmas1

Now I just need to insert a whole bunch of kids wearing thongs and the above picturesque scene would be complete.

(wait – no, that will mess it up.  Stay out kids).

We know how Christmas in Australia goes.

It’s hot.  Really bloody hot.

Your hair is frizzy by 9 am and your makeup dripped slowly off before any decent photos were taken.

Flamin’ heck, as Alf Stewart would say.

We swim (or we sprinkler, in our case).  We wear shorts and dodgy Christmas cracker hats that cling to our sweaty heads, yet it would be sacreligious to Australian Christmas Tradition to take it off so we leave it on.

Or sometimes we dress up in our fancy gear, because why the heck not?

We eat prawns (well, I hate them but apparently the rest of my family think they are the bomb).

“Sometimes” we dabble in a bevvy or two 😉

We have cold lunches, or hot lunches, barbeques – it’s pretty much whatever goes.

And don’t get me started on the amount of Pavlova I consume during the course of the day.  Let’s just say that I have a lot of egg yolks left over after making Pavs for 30 people, taking into account product sampling.

So when Lisa-Marie from Bear and Sparrow and I talked about doing a Christmas shoot, we knew we needed to do an Australiana theme.

And WHOOMP – here it is.

So if you’re looking for gift ideas, styling inspiration, decor possibilities – we managed to pull together some of the best that Australia has to offer in the patriotic department for you.

You’ll find the list of where to find them at the end, but please contact me (on here or over on Instagram) if you’re not sure because my descriptions and references were cray cray and made no sense).

Enjoy xx

Australiana Christmas One Two Tree

Australiana Christmas Make Me Iconic

Australiana Christmas Flossy P

The Wacky Wardrobe created this Elf masterpiece just for Rhys.  I think he was only smiling because he thought there was something IN the box**.

**Sorry buddy, remind me to talk to you about what a prop is. 

Australiana Christmas Wacky Wardrobe

Australiana Christmas Little Me Little You
















My Treasure Board – Australia, Little Aussie Treasures Wooden Animals – One Two Tree
Australia Illustrated Book – Tania McCartney
Wooden Log – Mocka Australi
Animal Figurines – Oh Ivy
Elf Costume – The Wacky Wardrobe
Cotton Ball Lights – Lummi and Co
Santa Please Stop Here Plaque – Arrowwood Designs
Pyjamas – Hello Night
Nighties – Nightie Night Lane
Nesting Dolls and Peggies – Love Tildy
Wall Hanging and Jute Stars – A Happy Home
Santa Itty Bitty – Hallmark
Wrapping Paper, Ribbons and Ties – QIS Packaging
Iconic Hanging Decorations – Make Me Iconic
Koala Cushion and Uluru Cushion – Xander-Lou Kids
Koala Print, Koala Cushion (black and white), Wombat Cushions – Flossy P
White Pom Pom Blanket – Willow and the Owl
Letter From Santa – Print and Party
Concrete Christmas Trees  – Evie Lee Designs
Personalised Santa Sack – Just Because Prints
Wooden Height Ruler – Milly and George Designs
Numbat Print A4 – Snow Cherry Media
Australia Fauna Print, Little Koala Lost Book – Jess Racklyeft
Australiana Puzzle – Little Me Little You
White Pom Pom Blanket – Willow and the Owl
Mini Teepee – Henry and Arlo
Crochet Rug – Love Indi Lou

That should get the Christmas blood pumping, I think!  Shop big when you shop small this year 🙂

PS – Big thanks to Lisa-Marie from Bear and Sparrow and Liz from The Finishing Touch Blog for giving me a hand on shoot day to wrap presents, kid wrangle and make me laugh.

More pictures from the next themes to come!

Love, Kel xx


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