10 Cool Christmas Gift Ideas

gifts for tweens or teen girls

Posted by on November 5, 2017

You’re going about your life, all is well…. then BAM – the shops have Christmas decorations up and suddenly you’re googling “Christmas gift ideas” and checking express postage costs.

This may or may not be an accurate representation of me, every year.

So let me just point you in the direction of some stuff I’ve been screen shotting lately that would make for epic gifts. Not sponsored, not paid – just cool stuff I’ve found for cool people in your life. Or for you, whatevs.


Really super-duper sorry for all the spending you’re about to do in this first store now and in the future.  I actually featured some Colour and Spice goodness in last years Christmas Shoot and have been obsessed with them ever since.  You’ll end up getting heaps of Christmas gifts here, but this one in particular is pretty boss.


Presents for your girly mates can be tricky, but this is a pretty cool printable if you’ve left your shopping til the last minute but want something a bit cheeky and fun.  It’s from Double Design Poster, and all you need to do is buy, print and wack it into a frame and voila.


Sometimes you have to think outside the box.  I love ALL the tees from Mondo Bazaar, but this one grabbed me and hasn’t let go.  Awesome Christmas gifts for the strong women in your world, from a tween through to your bestie.

gifts for tweens or teen girls


Christmas, kids and farts.  They just go together.  You can pre-order this fart book by the fabulous Zoe-Foster Blake NOW.  I found it for $14.99 at Dymocks – go go go!


Beanbags just went next level.  Designer level.  The Epona Co Designer Beanbags is the gift that keeps on giving long after Christmas is done and dusted.  Look at me lounging on this one.


Christmas gift ideas teenagers

Kidding. That’s not actually me.  I don’t own one yet.


I love nothing than someone doing all the hard work for you.  Look out for cool bundles of stuff that make it all fun and no stress, like this one from Wiggles Piggles.


I can think of about 7598 uses for these boards by LetterStory.  Seriously.  Reminders, funny quotes – you name it.  This would definitely be another good one for teachers, too.  PS – nutella.

Chirstmas Gift Ideas Teachers Parents


Pack it all in and grab a bag from new kid on the block Kid Stock.  Fun and functional – Christmas present one day, kindy bag the next. It’s all about bang for buck!


How about some fun decor? I’m pretty much including these felt animal heads from Winston and Grace because I’m getting one (for the kids…) and I think they are amazing.

Christmas gifts decor kids rooms


One more little cheeky one to finish off.  This one from Olive et Oriel makes me laugh because TRUE DAT.  This would be a good one for a boss or workmate.  It comes in black and white, too – in case pink isn’t your jam.

Gift ideas friends coworkers boss

I think I’ve covered something for everyone here.  Boss, friends, teachers, kids.  Or just buy it all for you, because CHRISTMAS!

Have fun shopping – feel free to tag me @thestylingmama if you see more cool stuff for Christmas gift ideas.

Love, Kel x