Christmas Gift Inspiration for the Boys

Posted by on October 18, 2016


Ok, so nearly all of this stuff is girl friendly too.

It just happens that I had two of my main men there ready to model for this gear, so I’ve popped it all in the BOYS GIFT INSPO category.

If there was a “gifts for children that are actually for the mums” category, that’s where this stuff would belong (don’t be shy in admitting that’s how you shop – we’re all friends here).

Plus there was no way I was prising it from Sam and Rhys’ hands – seriously, look at the joy on their faces!  I didn’t even need to ask them to pose, I just had to keep up (not unusual that I was left a few steps behind).

So before you hit the big stores, look at the little stores to see what they have.  As per usual, I’ll list off all the brands and products at the end.  But if you have any questions, message me on Instagram or via the contact button on here and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Happy Christmas shopping #forthekidsbutreallyforyou

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Bear Table and Stool – EkokidSpacedIn

Pyjamas – Hello Night

Wrapping Paper – QIS Packaging

Triangle Cushion – Happy Puku

Fabric Wall Penant “Wild” – Hanging With Lucy

Mini Teepee – Henry and Arlo

Reindeer Ears – Schooza

Headress Rabbit Print – Little Monkee Moos

Moonface Softie – Moonasaurus

Santa Sack – Just Because Prints

Daddy Hug – Fizzy Pop Designs

Toucan Neon Light, Black and White Suitcase – Neapolitan Homewares

Concrete Christmas Trees – Evie Lee Designs

Christmas Cards, Batman and Superman Itty Bittys – Hallmark

Personalised Elf – Little Gem Creations

Cardboard Plane and Dinosaur Head – Little Me Little You

Ride On Scooter – Bubble and Bird

Christmas Crown – Le Petite Renard Rouge

Crayon Truck, Wooden Plane – Bear and Sparrow

Sausage Dog Worry Toy – Little Wuppy

Decorative Cushion – Miss n Master

Scenic Set – Kawaii Pie