Creating a Circus Room with Snooze Bondi Bunks

Posted by on June 4, 2017

snooze room34

If you’ve ever scrolled the Insta feeds of myself or Bear and Sparrow, there is one MAJOR thing we have in common.

Apart from being awesome.

We both love colour.  Love love love love.

If colour was a person, it would take out a restraining order on us.

So in keeping with the hashtag #mumswhostyle, we want to show you different ways that you can introduce a theme or colour palette into your child’s room without making it look like a paint department threw up all over it.

The best way to do a “theme” for a child’s room is to:

  1. Know that they won’t like the theme forever (or next week)
  2. Pick amazing furniture that will last the transition between phases and trends.
  3. Get your child involved in choosing items like cushions, bedding, prints – then you tie it all together.

Snooze Bondi Bunks are off to the Circus!

We had the exciting opportunity to show off the Bondi Bunks by Snooze, and we wanted to do this beautiful giant justice with its gorgeous crisp white lines and honey timber trims.

Wanna see the room in real life? Here’s our video thanks to Sandra at Visual Abode:

My kids have always begged for bunks, but I’ve never really fallen in love with any until I met Snooze Bondi Bunks.  One of the biggest selling points for me was the fact that they split into two gorgeous single beds.

Plus Snooze quality is always spot on, so I knew they’d be a safe and sturdy option to contend with our mob of rowdy kids.

We wanted the room to be fun and functional, and give other #mumswhostyle some ideas to incorporate a theme into their child’s room.

If we are being honest – I love scandinavian inspired rooms.  Unfortunately, none of my children have EVER asked for a Scandi inspired room.


They’ve asked for animals, sports, army, bright red walls (ugh), bright pink, and generally wanting mismatched bits and pieces resembling a car boot sale.

And if your kid hasn’t asked for a movie inspired room (Frozen anyone?), then I’m in shock.

So given that our lives are a bit of a circus, and that the potential for an amazing Circus inspired room was epic – that’s what we did with the help of some super cool businesses.

Circus Decor

We didn’t want to go too crazy with the Circus theme – which is the biggest rule of thumb when doing a theme like this.

Too much could mean disaster, not enough means no circus room.

To really make the bunks and circus colour pop, we added a chair rail around the middle of the room (by we, I mean a handy chippy did it for us), and painted the top half a deep blue: Taubmans Endure Admirality.

I don’t mind painting, especially when it goes on so smoothly!  And I didn’t even drip any on the floor #winning.

Although part of me wanted to sabotage our dodgy carpet…

snooze room16

We chose some cool circus-inspired prints from Paper and Pickles, which formed the colour palette for the rest of the decor and bedding, including the giant letter C (For circus. Or Chocolate – whichever you think of first) from Bear and Sparrow.

kids bedroom inspo circus theme

Going with our mission not to be too OTT, we chose to use funky bedding from Kat and Fox on the bunks.

Not only did the colours tie in perfectly, they were the perfect mix of fun yet stylish.

Plus I love how the look against the crisp lines of the wall colour and the bunks!

Snooze beds Kat and Fox Bedding

Kat and Fox Bedding The Styling Mama

Kids Bedding Inspiration, Colourful kids bedding

On the top bunk, we popped up a large white shelf (from Mama’s Home) to store books, toys, drink bottles and other random objects that kids like to take to bed.

And while we try to show some restraint, the Elephant head had to go in the room.  Had to.

snooze room3

It’s all in the details

So with our Snooze Bondi Bunks now appropriately dressed, the rest of the room needed some TLC too.

We replaced the black roller blind with some new gorgeous white PVC venetian blinds from Veneta Blinds.  We chose PVC over timber purely because it’s low maintenance.

Yes, that’s often how we choose products for kids rooms.

Plus they are neat and tidy and come with a range of options for keeping cords out of reach of children.

Blinds for kids rooms, veneta blinds The Styling Mama

Because we live hands reach from our neighbours (exaggerating, but not really), the venetians from Veneta Blinds give the room the benefit of privacy while still allowing the light to filter in.

And I don’t have to look at the laundry side of the house (aka weeds, weeds, more weeds, some rocks and a boring fence. Oh, and our neighbour’s roof).

The Styling Mama Veneta Blinds Kids curtains and blinds

After 10yrs, our poor carpet is worn, and has definitely seen better days.

It’s also seen a lot of Blu-Tac, texta and dirty feet…

The perfect rug to hide the carpet was the Bayliss Pindot (Chrome), from Choices Flooring.  It is ridiculously soft and lovely to walk on, play lego and throw tanties on.

snooze room2 snooze room9

I happened to stumble across last season Kip and Co, and saw the Carnival Canopy.  Errrrrmagerd.  It’s like they designed it knowing what we had it mind.

It went perfectly over the super dooper comfy, cushy floor cushion from Sugarcane Trading Co.  I first met these guys at Life Instyle this year, and of course, their colourful stand drew me in straight away.

Their rugs and floor cushions are made from clothing offcuts (denim).  Very cool.  And I love the extra height of the cushion too, it really makes it stand out.

Kip and Co The Styling Mama snooze room32

You’ve probably noticed a hip little side table in some of the pics so far.

It’s the Hipster Side Table in white from Snooze.  I know how much of a beating side tables can get from kids, but this little guy can definitely handle it.

It’s so solid and sturdy, so I know it won’t tip over when one of the boys is hunting for a teeny tiny leaf at the back of the drawers.

Plus, the drawers are really deep so they’d be great for clothes too.

Or more leaves.

snooze room18 snooze room20

Personalise your room

Kids rooms aren’t all about finding the right pieces.  Sometimes you make the right piece to finish a room perfectly.

Bear and Sparrow came up with the awesome idea of this DIY ringmaster stand – head to her blog for all the DIY deets on how to make it.

snooze room12 snooze room29

Of course, once you’ve done all this then it’s all up to you to decide what extra pieces  you add.

We found the most GORGEOUS little circus themed peg dolls from Fin and I

Snooze Beds #mumswhostyle The Styling Mama

And the perfect cushions, drum and circus puzzles from Mama’s Home

Snooze Bedroom Inspiration - The Styling Mama

We also found the blue trunk from a local vintage/retro reseller for $30!

All these bits and pieces were the perfect dates for their circus outing with Snooze Bondi Bunks.


Snooze Bondi Bunks #thestylingmama snooze room23

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And we’ve got two more gorgeous styles planned for these bunks so keep a look out for the next room!