How to decorate with wallpaper in kids rooms

How to decorate with wallpaper

Posted by on January 26, 2018

I’ve always been in love with patterned walls, but knowing how to decorate with wallpaper is a totally different story.

Especially when you’re used to working with block colours or white backgrounds (like the rest of our home!).

So when I had the opportunity to work with one of the designs from the Murals Wallpaper range, I jumped at the chance…. and then I panicked slightly.

Because when something is this gorgeous, you’ve got to have a strong styling game right?

how do you decorate with wallpaper

This beauty is the Murals Wallpaper Vintage Red and White Rose Wallpaper.

Oh, and it is STUNNNNNNING. Photos don’t do it justice.  It has the most amazing texture and depth to it, so if you ever get the chance to work with something like this, GO FOR IT!


We had our Murals Wallpaper professionally installed…. in saying that, our installer made an error (unnoticeable in photos) much to my dismay.

We definitely could have attempted it ourselves if we had the time.  Anywho – moral of the story is that if you’re going to employ someone, do your homework!

The instructions were clear, and it’s definitely a skill I’d love to master one day.

How to decorate with wallpaper

I had this vision of ruffles and white on the bed to, with rose gold and peachy red tones, embracing a luxurious yet vintage style.

I wish.

Rather than going out and buying all new decor (yes, I have to stick to our family budget too!), I decided to go with what we had and experiment.

This is the first style I worked with:

With this style, I really wanted the wallpaper to be the star, without drawing too much attention to details in the room.

So I went for a little bit of texture and some subtle colours to break it up.

You can definitely notice how the wall changes at different angles in the room don’t you think!

Looking back, I do really love the simplicity of this style.


So I started to get a little braver now that I had gotten to know the wallpaper a little.

I took this later in the afternoon, when it wasn’t so bright.  I love the lovely moody-ness of the room, especially with the gorgeous little bits and pieces we included.

The beautiful keepsake doll is from White Cub Collective; desktop artwork from Clin d’eilo; White knot cushion from Stringalong Design.

It’s in this style that I started getting more confident – imagine how amazing a cane bedhead would look against the wallpaper!

Since buying a new bed wasn’t an option (boooooooo), I tried it with a cane mirror instead to check out the effect.

The colour in the cane gave me an idea to incorporate some mustard tones into the room.  So I dragged out the decor from the master bedroom and started experimenting.

This was the result!

I even added a little faux greenery, which worked beautifully.

Of course, all desk clutter has been stored away for the purpose of the pic (full disclaimer lol).

I love how the tones on the bed don’t fight with the wallpaper.

They just compliment each other and go about their own business.

Slowly, slowly I’ve learnt how to decorate with wallpaper – woohoo!

I wanted to take it down a notch from this level of styling, but still love the mustard.

This was the subtle version, which suited my teen just fine!

I kept the green and mustard and just simplified the rest of the room.

Once again, the wallpaper is the hero.

Here’s a bit of a close up of the wallpaper itself, to give you an idea of the amount of detail.

Tiny little flecks throughout really bring this wallpaper to life.  You can just tell from looking and touching it that it’s amazing quality.

(check out the info on different types available here).

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this wallpaper.  Especially for my teen who isn’t into pastels.

It’ll definitely grow with her, and I think I’m going to have A LOT more fun now that I’m a bit more confident with patterns.

I kinda want to put wallpaper everywhere in the house now…. 😉

Head over to Murals Wallpaper for their range. You’ll love it!

Kel xx

PS – This was a gifted product from Murals Wallpaper.  All opinions are my own, and completely honest.  I only work with products and brands that I love!