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Posted by on June 21, 2021

Devices.  The bane of our existence. 

MUUUUUUM where is the charger??

MUUUUUUUUUUUUUM he’s using the charger.

MUUUUUUUMMMMM my battery is almost dead!!

And repeat x 43858788 times a day. If that sounds familiar read on.

We have 5 ipads for school that all require charging overnight for school the next day. 

That doesn’t sound too bad. You just plug them in, right?

WRONG!  It’s an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE.  We never have enough charging points around the house to plug them into. 

So let’s talk charging solutions that actually make life easier!

Charging Hubs – the hub of the home

We tried the HPM USB and Wireless Charging Hub and I CANNOT RECOMMEND IT HIGHLY ENOUGH!  It charges up to 6 devices at once (5 ports on the side, and you can also pop a phone on the top).

For us, this means that we can have a central charging station set up that everyone can use.  We don’t have to worry about finding powerpoints to plug devices into, or having ipads charging in random spots throughout the house that aren’t really ideal for expensive items to be left (think floors and hallways *face palm*)

Apart from the functionality of this cute little charging hub, it’s pretty easy on the eye too – as chargers go anyway.  It’s white and nice and streamline – HPM have really tried to make it so it just doesn’t stand out.  It just does its thing, and does it well.

And when it’s not being used it is small enough to tuck away in a cupboard or drawer.

The details – on the side you have four traditional usb ports, and one c to c port, which means you can charge newer devices as well.

Wireless phone charger

Wireless.  It’s the way to go.  Especially if you’re like me and constantly lose the cord down the side of the bed, or fumble around trying to plug the cord in.

But even if you are more coordinated, the wireless charging pad is for you.  Sleek enough to sit on a side table, desk or bench top without detracting from its surrounds, this sexy little circle just makes your life easier.

All you have to do is set your phone down and voila – the wireless charging pad detects your device and you’re off and charging. 

It might look delicate and fragile, but this little guy is pretty tough and durable too.

Not just a power board

If you glazed over a little, then bear with me – this will make sense in just a sec.

There’s just some things you don’t compromise on.  Safety is one of them.  So if you need to invest in a powercentre for all those jobs that need plug in tools, get it RIGHT the first time with a HPM Electresafe Power Centre.

What does it do exactly?? It switches the power off the second there is a risk – like you accidentally damage the power cord.

I am pretty sure there is much more appropriate language to use here but the bottom line is IT WILL KEEP YOU SAFE. I think it’s the perfect addition for any home (or business for that matter).

Here’s why I love it:

It’ll sit neatly in your garage, tool shed or work bench with the way it is designed, so that the cord has a home to curl around.

  • You actually can’t miss this little lifesaver.  It’s bright which means that there’s no excuse for not using it to plug whatever you need in.
  • It’s small, so you can take it anywhere with you.
  • You can plug an extension lead into it for those difficult to reach jobs.

In my book, it’s a must have!! *adds to cart*

Knock no more with a HPM doorbell kit

Ok so all your devices are now successfully charging and you can FINALLY relax.

I have this issue where my kids will knock something and I automatically think that someone is knocking at the door.

And sometimes I’m just imagining the knocking. Because, well, you go a bit crazy somedays being a parent.

Sometimes someone is knocking and I’m too engrossed in what I’m doing to hear it (ie: selective hearing).

We attached the Wireless Doorbell Kit this weekend to our new Guardian 2 in 1 door.  It’s nice and compact so it kind of just blends into its environment. It’s exactly what you want a doorbell to do, am I right?

We ended up mounting it with a screw in the wall, but there is also the option to use the self adhesive pad to stick it on.  As an added bonus, it’s battery operated so you don’t need an electrician to install it for you.

Now when someone is at the door there’s no mistaking the chime of the doorbell – you’ve got 30 different melodies to choose from too.

The other part I like is that you can move the receiver around with you, or leave it on a shelf – whatever suits.

So there you have it – a little wrap up of all the things you need around the house that you actually never knew you needed.

Big thanks to HPM for letting me try all these goodies – as usual, everything I include on my blog is my honest opinion so you know these are all winners 🙂

Kel x