The family photoshoot – Tips to choosing the kids’ outfits.

Posted by on February 14, 2017

I don’t know about you, but choosing clothes for the kids to wear in our family photoshoot is a freaking NIGHTMARE for me.

Family Photoshoot outfits

I have never really understood why people wanted to rock around nude, letting it all hang out as mother nature intended.

And then I had children and I started to nod a little – I see what you’re doing nudists, and I respect it.

Then I needed to dress those children family photos and all of a sudden I’ve become the biggest pro-nudist in the world.


But because the whole “nudist colony” thing might not catch on before the 21st February 2017 (the scheduled date for our family photoshoot), I had to face the fact that choosing outfits for 5 kids was inevitable.

Meanwhile, all I could hear was my husband’s voice in my head from 2012 “So, you actually want them to look like The Wiggles?” as he stared sceptically at the red, blue, yellow and pink tees that I had carefully selected for the kids to wear.

Smart ass.  Observant smart ass though.  Crap it.  The next one in 2014 was denim and black.  So for this one, I needed help deciding what to do.

Family photoshoot clothes – some words of wisdom

Sarah Merrett (Sarah Merrett Styling) had these words of advice for styling your fam bam:

Family Photoshoot Clothes advice from Sarah Merrett

Awesome advice.  So I really want to rock up to this BBQ feeling a bit edgy.  Cool.  Street.

Think David and Victoria Beckham but without the accent… or bank balance 🙁

But of course, there is one small factor with choosing kids clothes for a family photoshoot: all the fabric and shoes had to meet the 8.6 kabillion criteria that my kids have for any garments that come into contact with their body.

BTW – clothes criteria can change daily, minutely, and without warning.  There is no predicting when the Tee of the Month will become the most hated item in the world because it suddenly felt funny when they lifted an arm and sneezed while walking through a corn field on a cloudy Thursday in June.

Yes it’s that ridiculously specific.

I consulted our photography guru Jennifer Horner Photography for advice on colours and styles.  As you can tell, I REALLY wanted to avoid accidentally going down the Wiggles path again…

Family Photoshoot - Jennifer Horner's advice on what to wear.

The threads I chose for our family photoshoot

So here is what I’ve come up with so far after spending hours (literally) scrolling.

(I’ve scrolled Instagram, hashtag searched, pinned and Beckham watched to choose the perfect family photoshoot clothes).

I’d fallen in love with Grunge and Lace a long time ago, so asked her to create some customised tees for the kids.

Now there wasn’t going to be any arguing over who was wearing what tee because they were NAMED.


Family Photoshoot - Boys outfit example

Adam’s look (above) also has the coolest shorts that you can get from Global Kidz. I swear half of the stuff I own for our 7yr old and 10yr old is from this store, they stock the perfect amount of edge for the tween and pre-tween ages.

He wanted to wear his old thongs, but as soon as he smelt these Cienta shoes he was converted.

No, that’s not a typo. SMELT.

They smell delicious (so much so that they other day the boys put them in front of a desk fan and had the fan pointed on their faces while they were on the computer).

Dressing a tween for a family photoshoot

Soph was always going to be hard to choose for for the family photoshoot clothes.  After all, the shoot was a month away when I started planning and we could be staring down the barrel of a multiple stages of tweenage-girl-random-change-of-mind syndrome.

But I risked my life and decided on this little outfit for her (below)

Family Photoshoot - Tween girl outfit

She’s yet to be convinced but it looks amazing on her.  And if she doesn’t wear it I will (another story altogether).

How sweet is the pattern on the shoes!! The skirt (from Love by Five) stood out for me as the perfect amount of colour without being too “girly” (apparently too much pink is very uncool if you’re 12).

I also chose Josh’s shorts from Love by Five too (pictured below).

josh outfit

And because he’s camo mad, he had to get the camo shoes from Cienta.

He’ll be the only one rocking a singlet, which he thinks is pretty cool because he’ll be able to show off his guns apparently.

#confidencegoals right there.

Rhys outfit

Above is Rhys’ outfit.  He’s got a batman raglan shirt and the SOFTEST shorts ever from Kipp Kids.

My little two guys really struggle with heavy material – they are much happier (read: less whingy) in comfortable and stretchy shorts that give them plenty of freedom of movement.

And because I’m all for prevention over cure, anything that may stop excessive and unnecessary complaining was my priority.

sam outfit

I just LOVE Sam’s outfit.  The pops of colour on his tee and shoes are offset beautifully by the simple pattern in his shorts.

And he likes it.  Loves it actually.

Do you know how hard it is to stop kids from wearing brand new clothes before professional photos?

Very. Like 3 wines very (according to a friend).

The finished product (just missing the kids in them)

photoshoot outfits

So that’s our look!

Not matchy matchy.  A few pops of colour mixed with grey, black and white.

It all fits.

They like it.

No stains.

Now to just keep it that way for the next week…