Product Review: Haier 8kg Condenser Clothes Dryer

Betta Home Living Dryers - Haier 8kg Condenser Dryer

Posted by on May 17, 2020

I’d always wondered what a condenser clothes dryer was. I mean, aren’t all dryers made the same? To dry clothes?

Ummmm, it turns out the answer is NO.

But I’ll get to why I’m on the condenser dryer bandwagon in a minute.

How we chose the perfect clothes dryer for our large family

Our first priority when choosing a dryer was SIZE. We have 9 people in our house.

That’s a lot of clothes being washed and dried everyday.

And to be honest, we rely on a dryer when we have a tight turnaround on things like work, school and sports uniforms.

A little while ago we bought a new washing machine from Betta Home Living and had a great experience (price, communication and delivery time was top notch). So of course when it came to getting a dryer, we stalked their website and came across the Haier Condenser 8kg clothes dryer.

Size wise (both capacity and dimensions), it matched our washing machine perfectly (which is also a Haier).

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Ok, so the Haier was perfect for size.

But there were still more factors to consider.

Not all clothes dryers are created equal

What I didn’t realise was that the Haier was also perfect for the type of laundry space we have.

Our laundry is in the mudroom, which was previously the garage. Which means that it doesn’t have amazing ventilation now that it’s been built in.

A condenser dryer is smart – it takes the moisture out of the clothes (like a dryer should) but it stores the moisture. So guess what?

Your laundry doesn’t turn into a sauna every time you chuck a load in the dryer.

No more steamy windows or damp walls.

You have two options with this Haier clothes dryer. You can connect the hose into the drain to take away the water or it can store it in a tank for you to empty.

We use the tank.

What can your dryer do for you?

The next thing I loved? (and still love)

It’s the OPTIONS. So. Many. Options.

You want to dry towels? Sure.

Undies? Too easy.

Got a random mix? Choose the “mix” option.

The Haier senses when to stop and start, so I often hear it pausing to have a little think about how much more time is needed before it kicks off again.

It’s the little things that count

Like the light that comes on at the start of the load. I’m not sure WHY this is so ridiculously cool but it is.

Honestly – I think if Netflix is out, you have ample entertainment watching your stuff dry in a Haier.

The Haier also comes with a tray to put in if you want to dry things like shoes or toys that you don’t want “tumbled” around.

We used it on a pair of smelly teenager shoes that had been put through the wash and I can vouch for the fact that this option actually works to dry out shoes.

Convinced yet?

If you don’t already have a dryer crush on the Haier, you might soon.

Cos it’s just sexy.

It’s sleek. It’s modern. It’s got style.

For me, it tied in perfectly with our existing washing machine and the overall style of our laundry.

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Even if you’re not trying to match your decor, the features of the Haier 8kg Condenser Clothes Dryer alone are enough.

Now that I’ve rambled about what I love about it, I’ll let you ponder the benefits of converting to a condenser clothes dryer. Head over to Betta Home Living and do some reading to see what dryer suits YOU best.

I’m off to watch the clothes dry while the little light is on.

Kel x