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Posted by on October 11, 2016



The only way you could wipe the smile off my face right now is if I had to clean any more wee off our toilet floor.

Seeing the hashtag #mumswhostyle start getting around Instagram, and being used by some of my FAVOURITE accounts – wow, that feeling is indescribable.

Is this what the woman who put the Chewy Mask on in the car felt like when it went viral???

Not that I’m anywhere near those stats, but if she can chuck a mask on in a car and then make the entire world crack up, then surely anything is possible.

I thought it might be best to pop the information about why I started #mumswhostyle on a page here, so that everyone knows it is YOUR HASHTAG. Use it to follow trends, or use it to go your own way.

About #mumswhostyle

Last year, I created this hashtag #mumswhostyle to bring together a group of people on Instagram.

Think of it like this: using this hashtag is kind of like going to a party where everyone brings their style as their partner, throws their keys in the bowl and then just sees where the night takes them.

Except we’re all throwing our style into one account, and we all stay fully clothed, ‘k?

#mumswhostyle - The Original

They’re the mums who have style, who bestow style upon their children while maybe they rock their maternity wear 3yrs after their last baby (asking for a friend).

OR maybe they just love to look at styled spaces and dream.

What I’m saying is that #mumswhostyle own their own style.  

They know their brand, their vision, their budget.

They know what’s real FOR THEM.

Who is it for?

Brand reps, product stylists, mums who style, mums who can’t style but want to.  Professional, novice or somewhere in between – you’re all welcome.

Even if you’ve only just developed an interest in interiors and home decor or fashion, the hashtag will be your journey.

From the first pictures you add it to, through to all the ones that will come in the future, you’ll be able to see how much your style evolves.

So if brand repping is your future, or even if you’re just needing help to style a shelf, searching #mumswhostyle will be a great way to see what’s out there in the product styling world.

You’ll be able to follow current trends, or steer clear of them altogether if that’s your thang.

Take the chance to connect with other #mumswhostyle – these will be your gang, your consultants, your own panel of experts.

Make space on your phone, start screenshotting, posting and sharing – let’s get this #mumswhostyle party started.

*SPONSORSHIP: For information on sponsoring #mumswhostyle, please contact me info@thestylingmama.com.au