10 reasons to join Honey & Co Club – Postal Gift Club for Kids

Posted by on October 10, 2017

I’m sure when my kids get older they won’t be so enthusiastic about opening a $1000 rego bill, but for now it’s a novelty to rip it open and then hand it to me to take care of.

(wish I could make it a rule that if you open it, you pay it).

So just imagine the look on Rhys’ face when he got his very own delivery, full of gorgeous goodies carefully selected by the genius gang at Honey & Co Club.

What is Honey & Co Club?

It’s your lifesaver, that’s what it is.

But seriously, it is.  In a nutshell, you get monthly deliveries of gorgeous, educational and fun stuff in your letterbox each month.

For the kids of course*….

*disclaimer that I may have opened the packages first and then put them back in the letterbox… because: impatient.

Honey & Co Club is bringing back the world of snail mail, the excitement of seeing the postie popping something in the mailbox and running out to check it.

Our Honey & Co Club packages

There is not much that keeps my 4yr old Rhys busy for ages on end, but when he has his OWN little club that sends him stuff, he automatically feels special.

It’s their own little thing to look forward to each month.

I wonder if I slid the bills into the package he’d take care of them too? I’ll work on that…

And trust me, these are not packages of plastic throwaways.  They are gorgeous pieces that sometimes you just want to put on a shelf to be loved from a far, but are totally intended for playtime.

My Top 10 reasons you need Honey & Co Club delivered to your door

  1. Everyone loves mail.  Especially when it’s a present.

Honey & Co Club Postal Gift Club for kids

2.  They come in a cute little bag that you can reuse.  Or the kids can fill with random stuff.  Either way, win win.

Honey & Co Club delivers monthly presents to kids

3.  It’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.  Except you know it’ll be awesome.

honey 7

4.  It’s like trialling and finding new things to fall in love with for the kids

What do you get in a Honey & Co Club delivery

5.  You can style them when the kids aren’t playing with them.

honey 9

6.  The kids discover new stuff, which sometimes involves putting it extremely close to their nose, or your nose.

honey 2

7. It’s educational. But keep that info under your hat.

honey 3

8.  They’ll ponder the magic of the letterbox for hours*

*not a guarantee.

Honey & Co Club gift ideas for grandkids

9.  FREE POST!  So they make a fantastic, original and easy prezzie for a little person who is not nearby.  Think grandkids, nieces/nephews etc.

10. Oh my lordy, if you need another excuse it’s because THIS IS JUST SUPERCUTE. Nuff said.

honey 4

We absolutely LOVED receiving our Honey & Co packages.

Honey and Co Club have different options available for age groups, plus you can also choose to do a one-off.  For me, this is a no-brainer for gifts for my little niece and nephew who live in another state.

My advice? Head to their FAQ page to suss out all the info!