Hot outdoor furniture picks for Summer.

White outdoor sofa amart the styling mama

Posted by on November 8, 2017

This is a sponsored post for Amart Furniture.  All opinions are my own and you can tell that because they’re awesome.

It’s almost Summer and all I’m fantasising about is chilling out on comfy outdoor furniture, sipping a mojito and watching the kids frolic happily in the backyard.  You know, the usual parenting bliss.

In reality, my mojito has probably been knocked over by a wayward ball, someone has slipped over on the water from the sprinkler and we are going through enough sunscreen to warrant an ambassador program.

Plus I’ve never had a mojito in my life and can’t guarantee I’d even like it.

BUT there is one reality in my summer scenario – comfy outdoor furniture.  Because if a hot day is going to go pear shaped, you can at least do it in style right?

Our outdoor furniture is looking a little on the shabby side (which one would expect after 15yrs), so I’ve been cruising the stores for some inspo to get our deck sorted in time for Summer.

I’m not asking for much (except that the kids don’t touch it, sit on it, go near it).  Kidding.  Although…

So these are the things on the top of my list from Amart’s new outdoor range for summer 2017.


Daybed outdoor furniture AMart The Styling Mama

I’ve always wanted a daybed outside.  The name says it all really.  It exudes relaxation and holiday vibes, doesn’t it?  This is the Casablanca Outdoor Day Bed and it had me at BUY NOW.  I’d be reclining back on these adjustable bad boys faster than you can say the mozzies are here.

Imagine a gorgeous creeper climbing the back, an ice bucket next to you…. maybe someone waving a fan (note – teach the kids to wave a fan).


outdoor bar styling amart the styling mama

I don’t know about you, but something about a bar setting screams fun to me.  This one is the Shadow2 5 piece outdoor bar setting.

Imagine setting the kids up here with an ice-cream during the day, towels draped over their shoulders and sticky drips trickling down their hands.

Then at night time it becomes a tapas bar, with an array of yummy eats lined up, music playing and friends just hanging out.  Just add fairy lights for that extra atmospherical ambience.

Make sure you clean up the ice cream drips first. Or don’t wear white.  Whatever works.

Chill Out

White outdoor sofa amart the styling mama

If the name of this bad boy doesn’t grab you, then I’m just not sure why we are friends.  MALDIVES.

Since it’s highly likely I’m never going to get to the real thing, I’ll take my next best option and pack my day bag ready to sprawl on this corner outdoor setting.

One of the real reasons I’m introducing you to this is because LOOK AT THE CUSHIONS.  Large – tick.  Easy to clean – tick.

No more food getting trapped between the seats.

To contradict Dirty Dancing, someone please put baby in the corner.  And by baby, I mean me and some sort of cheese platter.

Eat, Drink and be Merry

Amart Summer Outdoor Furniture The Styling Mama

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m a fan of anything that is multipurpose.  Hence, voila!  This is the Patmos Outdoor 6 piece setting.

And I need it.  For a few reasons.

First one being, I can fit the younger 3 kids up on that sofa, meaning for the first time EVEERRRR a 6 piece setting will suit our 7 person family.

It saves space, because you could easily shove the stools under the table (or under my feet) when they’re not being used.

Whip away the table and your outdoor dining becomes an outdoor lounge suite – multipurpose, space saving and looks gorgeous.

I’m serious about these stools being under my feet too, it’d be a shame for them not to realise their full potential.

Summer sorted

I’m pretty sure I’ve covered most summer dream scenarios here.  You’ll notice that all of them involve relaxing and some sort of food or drink.

Now that I’ve narrowed down what I want on the deck, I’m off to choose the right cushions and catering staff for their home coming party.

I’ll let you know when the invites go out, k?

Love, Kel.