Installing plantation shutters from Half Price Blinds

How to install plantation shutters

Posted by on May 1, 2020

Plantation shutters – I don’t think you can get a more beautiful window covering for your home!  Magazines and home reno shows everywhere tell us the same thing – theyr’e hot!!

Shutters definitely add a level of sophistication with their streamline design, functionality and exterior street appeal.

As an added bonus?  Shutters (or plantation blinds) are actually SUPER easy to install – I PROMISE YOU!!

With our recent renovation, we knew from the start that we would get the best look (interior and exterior) by using Plantations. But where to start??

We contacted the team at Half Price Blinds to get the process started.  EEEEEEEKKKKKK!

Start choosing your perfect Plantation Shutters

SO GUESS WHAT??? You don’t need to go to a showroom.  Or have a salesperson come out to you.

You guys can understand how much easier that makes everything, right? Here’s a few things to thing about first.

Take a look at our before pictures:


And here is the after shot:

Feeling inspired? Read on!

Step 1 – Material

Of course you want to make sure your new shutters look amazing so the first thing we had to do was decide – do we go Aluminium or Timber?  

We chose to go with Aluminium simply because Aluminium shutters are SUUUUUUUUPER easy to maintain.  For us (with 9 people in the house), anything that is easy to clean gets a massive TICK.

The other big ticket factors for us was that they are extremely durable – you can install them in kitchens, bathrooms (even outside) and these babies can take it.  Ours needed to work in our mudroom, which extends from the laundry.  TICK!

And because aluminium shutters have an insulating air pocket, you can count on them to help keep your energy bills down by reducing the amount of heat that comes through.

But as you know, sometimes you need to see the product with your own eyes – especially when it comes to matching the right colour (why oh why are there sooooo many different shades of white?????)

Half Price Blinds will express out to you up to SIX SAMPLES for free so you can hold it up and get a proper look at the material – aluminium or timber – and the colour.

Step 2 – Size

Alright – it’s time to get the tape measure out guys!!

It’s actually pretty easy – you just measure three lengths/widths instead of your usual one.  Which makes sense because plantation shutters aren’t flexible and they’re custom made to fit your window.  We chose to have an L frame and have the shutters as an inside mount.

What we found out when we measured was that our window frames were definitely not perfect rectangles.  So by giving Half Price Blinds 3 measurements across and 3 measurements down, they can work out the size to custom make your window coverings.

BUT DON’T STRESS! If you’re not sure what you need to do you can read how to do it HERE, or watch how it’s done HERE.  I highly recommend watching the video from start to finish – visuals are always a great idea!!!

Just remember – at any stage through this, Half Price Blinds are only a click or a phone call away to pick their brains or to walk you through the process.  Trust me, they are super helpful and patient and understand how many questions you may have to make sure you get it right!

In our mudroom, we had a protruding sill dividing the window in two sections, upper and lower but this actually ended up being no problem at all. Woot woot.

Step 3 – Installing your Plantation Shutters

Your shutters arrive to you in a massive box.  You know what that means? Cardboard for the kids to make cubbies.

Oh – and that most of the work is done for you!!

Half Price Blinds plantation shutters online

There’s one important part of this delivery – apart from the actual shutters.  THE INSTRUCTIONS!

But don’t stress – it’s actually just one page of very easy to follow instructions. I think it only took us about 15mins to get them up in total once we had everything we needed.

Just make sure that there’s two of you to install so one person can hold the frame in place.  Oh – you’ll also need a drill.

The Styling Mama Half Price Blinds 

Once you’ve got them sitting in the right position, it’s just a matter of drilling a hole through the plantation frame and into your window frame and then using screws to hold it in place.

The instructions take you through it step by step, so if you know how to use a drill (we’re big fans of the Ryobi One Plus Range and used the Drill Driver) and you’re a little bit handy, you should have no trouble.

Step 4 – Enjoy your new plantation shutters

LOL – this part is pretty obvious, but I couldn’t help but include it!  What I love is that we get great airflow through the rooms, as well as the perfect amount of light just by adjusting the blades.

We can also choose to have one or both sides of the shutters fully open, which means cleaning the window, shutters and the frame isn’t an issue.

They look so beautiful from the inside of the house and from the outside.

We’re all stuck inside at the moment thanks to COVID-19 so now is the perfect time to get in touch with the team at Half Price Blinds and get a quote on your dream window coverings.

I’d love to know what you think about how the Half Price Blinds Plantation Shutters look in our new reno – check out more pics on my Instagram page @thestylingmama.