Skinny jeans are back in rotation thanks to Hypoxi

Posted by on May 3, 2017

You know how sales assistants always tell you to go down a size to allow for stretch in denim?

Well my sized-down jeans were banished to the back of the wardrobe when they started cutting off blood supply to my lower extremities.

I wore them repeatedly (at the risk of gangrene to tissue below my knees), and I also did a stupid amount of squats but those suckers never stretched.

Or maybe it was that I also went up a size when they stretched up a size…

Long story short, if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll know I started a three month program at Hypoxi to attack some of the padding on my thighs, hips and bum.

I’ve been going to the Jindalee studio, and you can see me in the reflection here if you can peel your eyes away from this guy…

hyooxi jindalee thestylingmama

There are a stack of weightloss and cellulite reduction programs out there, each one claiming to do something amazing.

But, I can officially hand on my heart (or hand on my shrinking bum) tell you that I can SEE the results from Hypoxi.

I really have had trouble committing to anything where I don’t see results quickly.  Seriously, what mum has time to wait for results????


What do we want?  Smaller bums and thighs.  

When do we want it? NOW.  Or very very soon, preferably in time for that party….

The Hypoxi verdict so far

What Hypoxi has done for me is expedite the whole process. It has pretty much cut out the middle part of a weightloss/exercise plan where I get disheartened because I’m not seeing much change and then I start to lose sight of why I started (aka, I start to lose interest).

I had some measurements done after the first couple of weeks, but won’t have more til the end now.  The motivation for me has been in wearing a pair of jeans from the start of the day right through until the end of the day.

That sounds ridiculous, but 99% of jeans that I own drive me insane because I am always at that infuriating in-between size, so they were either a tad too big or a tad too small.

Hypoxi and skinny jeans mumlifehack designyourbody

And I shocked my friends/family (and probably anyone with their phone brightness at its maximum) by posting this picture the other day.

There is no way ON EARTH I would ever ever ever ever have shared this before I started Hypoxi.

I don’t even wear swimmers without a pair of boardies, so this was a huge step.  And also a huge indication of just how much more confident I’m feeling with my lower half now.

hypoxi and skinny jeans targetted weightloss

And big props to my littlest babe Rhys who has been dragged along for the ride with me.  He tells everyone he goes to the gym lol.  I reality, he sits and watches videos or goes to the creche to play.

(I like his version of the gym better I think)

He was in awe of the studio when I took him for a little tour last week.  The facial expression says it all don’t you think??

hypoxi mumlifehack  Hypoxi results

So this is where I’m up to now with just a few weeks to go.  I am realllllly going to miss going when it’s finished!

Will keep you posted on the last results – eeeeeeeeeeek.

Kel x

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