Journey to self-confidence with Hypoxi #mumlifehack

Posted by on June 19, 2017

In the beautiful flattering lights of the Myer change rooms almost 25yrs ago, I turned around to check the back of the swimmers I’d just put on.


And I cried.  I ripped off the bathers, devastated that somehow between seasons my bum and thighs now resembled the orange stand at a fruit shop.

Ever since then, I’ve been a board shorts kind of girl.

I was going to title this blog as “My journey with Hypoxi”, but there is wayyyyyy more to it than that (read about what it is here)

Because rather than focus just on the results I’ve achieved in the weight loss department, I want to focus on WWHHHHYYYYYY I have loved working with Hypoxi to test out their targeted fat loss program.

  1. It’s all about YOU.  I imagine it’s kind of like how the likes of Beyonce feel all the time.  So when you’re a mum and you’re feeling burnt out and taken for granted at home (on the off chance, maybe, probably….) then it’s an awesome feeling to walk into the Hypoxi studio and it’s all about YOU for your session.
  2. I didn’t have a whole stack of weight to lose, but I’ve always struggled with cellulite (thanks genetics).  The only way I can think to describe it is that it MELTS away.
  3. I struggle finding time to go to the toilet most days, so finding a program that was quick, easy and that actually worked seemed impossible.  The sessions are super fast, so you don’t have to allow hours each day.
  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the meal guide (yes – guide).  I had to rewire how my brain thought about food, which surprisingly meant that I had to NOT eat 7945 sandwich crusts a day.  Shocking revelation, I know.  Having a bit of help to prepare easy and delish food to help achieve my goal made it possible to plan out my days without having to shop for crazy stuff that can only be found in the deepest parts of the Amazon.
  5. I said at the start of the program to my husband that I wouldn’t be doing pics of my body.  I was more than happy to share results, but ain’t nobody needed the visuals to accompany the numbers.  Ummmmm, yeah that lasted 2 weeks before I was rocking my bra and undies in the mirror at Hypoxi, showing off my changing mum bod.  I’m no supermodel (but totally open to contracts, just throwing that out there), but I FEEL awesome, and have done so ever since that first month doing Hypoxi.

So this is my journey on Hypoxi, from start to finish…..

The Styling Mama Mumlifehack hypoxi 2_April 3_May 4_May 5_May 6_June 7_Final

There’s a few things that pop out at me when I look at these pics.

  1. See how the pics get closer up as I get more confident – lol.  Completely unplanned.
  2. Clearly looking to my left is my go to move for a selfie. Must work on that.
  3. My wardrobe consists of denim, grey and black with the occasional pop of colour.
  4. Check out the difference in my thigh shape!! Proof is in the pudding.  Or in this case, the proof is in my thighs.

Thank you to the AWESOME Koby at the Jindalee Hypoxi studio, who accommodated all my last minute appointment changes because of sick kids, leaking pipes (as in bathroom pipes), bad backs and everyday life interruptions!

Seriously, if you’re wanting to see results for an occasion or event, go see the Hypoxi masters and do a free trial.

LOVING my new bod!!