I’ll have High Tea with Designer Rugs anyday

Posted by on June 27, 2016

dr 31

I’ve never been inspired by a rug before.

I’ve never met a rug that made me fall in love with it, swept me off my feet and made me picture growing old together, walking hand and tassel into a sunset.

You know, the whole opposites attract thing.

Until I met Designer Rugs’ High Tea Design by Petrina Turner.


No exaggeration.

And luckily, High Tea was there to absorb my fall with the most beautiful 100% NZ Wool.

Petrina Turner has been designing for over 20yrs.  That’s a lot of beautiful rugs that grace homes all over the world (and hopefully mine one day).;

I’m not sure what it was about High Tea that made me choose her to style for this shoot.

I loved the fact that she was classic, yet fun.  Mature yet young at heart, and filled with the memories of days gone by.

dr 5

The colours are the perfect combination of subtle with just enough bright to make the eye search for more, it instantly made me think of all the fun things about being a child.

All I could picture was a girly space, filled with beautiful play things.  Soft, delicious decor that embraced the stories within the vintage cross-stitch table cloth that inspired Petrina’s design.

Finding products to work with the rug was waaaayyy too much fun to be considered work

(yes, dear husband, scrolling beautiful online stores and Instagram is classified as work.  I know, it’s tough, but hey – someone’s gotta do it, right?)

I wanted to choose pastels with pops of red to engage all the qualities in the rug.  Which you can absolutely do when you’ve got open spaces of a subtle green between the colourful crosses.

dr 22

The walls needed a little something special too, to tie it all in.  A beautiful shade of pink for a feature sheet of vjs matched the “vintage” theme of the rug, without being too overwhelming.

dr 27

You can’t get much more traditional (or beautiful) than swan pieces.  This swan cradle was just enough to make a statement without fighting with the rug.

Because no one has time for decor having arguments – kids are enough, am I right?

dr 29

And of course, you can’t have a High Tea rug without elements of a traditional kitchen – enter this divine wall-mounted hutch. I die.

dr 14

The attention is in the detail – look at these amazing colours.  There’s really no rules – if you like it, work it.  I like cute shoes, nappy bags and softies – and they worked.

dr 17

And I need to mention how beautiful this STUNNING print worked with the rug.  Just enough subtle similarities, but not matchy-matchy.  Peonies.  Something a bit spesh about the way these guys matched, I’m almost jealous.

dr 2

Because cross-stitch is best viewed from above.  And once you’re done viewing, NZ wool is best enjoyed in a horizontal position.  Super soft and luxurious. Sigh.

dr 4

The holes in the rug kill me.  Not in a trip-hazard way, in the way that it’s just another adventure that High Tea takes you on.

dr 7


dr 12

dr 13

If someone gives you the opportunity to see a Designer Rugs piece up close, do it.  Because it was only from having this beauty in our home that I realised the real beauty in their designs.

I wonder if they would notice if I accidentally forgot to send it back?

Thanks to all the wonderful suppliers – go check all these amazing businesses out!

High Tea by Petrina Turner – Designer Rugs

Peonies – Olive et Oriel

Swan Book Cradle – Bear and Sparrow

White Woollen throw rug – Closely Knit

PomPom blanket – Piper and I

Hutch – Willow and Wood

Pink Wall Paint – Ecolour

Shoes and vest – Sparrow – Little Lifestyle

Floor Cushion – Little Connoisseur

Red Floral Wrap – Willow and The Owl

Nappy Bag, Rice Turnip Stuffed Toy, Red Floral Princess Doll – Muffin and Mate

Pots and Pans Set, Suitcase Set, Plush Toy, Mug – Wiggles Piggles

Pine Stars, Swan Block – Pine and Twine

Apple Basket, Windmill wand, Pink bear figure, carrots – Mama’s Home

Cafe Machine – Bowerbird Impuslive Necessities