Kids Wall Stickers from Nordlife – Australian Animals

Posted by on December 18, 2017

So who else has been crushing on the kids wall stickers from Nordlife that are out at the moment?

These little bad boys are my latest obsession when it comes to meeting the criteria for cool kids room decor.

Wanna know why they made the cut?

(besides the obvious adorable factor).

Reusable.  Yep.

So if you’re indecisive, a frequent room changer or renting, these are awesome.  I moved them about 5 times over a couple of weeks and they’re still sticking perfectly.

Nordlife Wall Stickers Australia

The lowdown on kids wall stickers from Nordlife

They measure between 18-21cm (mr roo has big ears, mmmk?) and they come in a pack of 5 little buddies.

I’ve styled the Australian ones here BUT there are half a dozen other themes that are equally hot.

You guys know that I’m always a fan of products that can be used for all age groups, and I definitely think these wall stickers fit that category.

PLUS they’re gender neutral.  I styled them a couple of ways, to show you how they look with different colours and styles.

This is Nordlife kids wall stickers in a boys’ space.

They look AMAZING against the dark wall, with pops of colour around them.

And because they are awesome quality, the navy wall doesn’t impact on the colour of the stickers either.

So whether you’re doing a theme or not, they just work.

Then I popped them in a “girls” theme, which looked super sweet.

I feel like some peach and pink with the neutral tones of the wall stickers would be the absolute bees knees in a girls room.

Scandi Wall stickers Nordlife

It’s such a pity my boys aren’t big fans of peach and pink.  Yet…… lol.

I can imagine having these little Australian wall stickers lined up near a change table or play mat for bub to look at :).

I played around with other places in Rhys’ room too, and I LOVED the way they looked on the wall at the entrance to his room.

Like little Aussie mates all lined up, ready to play 😉

Nordlife has also just started selling these individually too.  So if you’ve got a koala crush, you could buy Lala the Koala by herself.

Or mix and match her with Poppy the Penguin or Balder the Bear from the other sets…. arrrrghhhh  so many choices!!

These gorgeous stickers and a STACK of other goodies are all available at Nordlife .

But let this be a warning: this online store is completely addictive.  Have fun styling and shopping!

This is a paid product review.  All opinions are my own, and completely true.  I only review stuff I genuinely love and recommend.  I’m totally trustworthy, except when there’s chocolate involved.  That’s considered fair game and every man/woman for herself. To the victor go the chocolate spoils.