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Posted by on June 12, 2016

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Welcome to the launch of Make and Style It – DIY Designer Living! Thanks for coming on this amazing ride with us.

You know what this is all about? Creating beautiful stuff.  Beautiful spaces.  And doing it yourself.  On a budget.  With things you can easily find, afford and make.

I’m excited already and we are only just starting.  It’s going to be big, but best of all, it’s going to reach so many of you who love to make and style.  Sounds good, huh!

Make and Style It is like the new child between me and my friend LM over at Bear and Sparrow.

So while we’ve been party at the front of house, behind the scenes we have been busy building something so new and exciting.

We’ve almost launched 897 times because we both suffer from impatient excitement, and here it finally is.

It’ll be so much fun, for us and for you.  Bear and Sparrow will be showing you  how to take an everyday item such as a Kmart circle shelf and give it a designer makeover.

She’ll give you all the instructions on how to do it, but if you’re not handy with tools (that’d be me), then we will also have kits available to purchase – all you’ll need is the shelf.

Tonight’s launch is just the first of heaps of  designs we will be launching!

You’ll need to grab the INSTRUCTIONS on how to make this divine moon shelf using a Kmart circle shelf over at Bear and Sparrow, and you can also order your kit there too 😉

pine shelf

Then here’s where I come in.  I’ll be showing you how to style it.

Each month, I’ll pop a list of cool products up that I’m going to use to style the shelves with.  Throughout the weeks ahead, I’ll post more images of different ways to do it.

So while you’re busy making, you can also be planning what yours will look like.  I’ll share any new products that’ll go with the shelves, but don’t worry – we know exactly what it’s like to style on a budget so we’ll have heaps of options available.

I am so excited.  Did you see these pictures the other day on our Instagram feeds?

Mono Moon Pine Moon copy

So here it is, the first 20 products you can find (easily!!) to style your shelf.  Click on our image below and you’ll get the list and tips on how to use them, plus prices.  They start from a couple of dollars!

Don’t forget to subscribe to #mumswhostyle to keep up to date when I post new ways to style your Moon shelf.  But most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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xx Kelly


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