Make and Style It: Hello Mountain shelf!

Posted by on June 22, 2016

boy mt 7

I’m told by Lisa-Marie at Bear and Sparrow that this mountain shelf Kmart hack is pretty easy.  Having never attempted to use tools more than a handful of times in my life, I’ll take her word for it and welcome you to the Style It part of this Kmart hack!

I’ve done it a tad differently this time.  And that’s mostly because of the HUGE amount of support we had for the first release.  We were, and still are, chuffed you like what we are doing.

So here we are at Make and Style It’s second release – the mountain shelf.  Yay!!

The beauty of these guys is that you can style them for boys or girls, so I’ll show you a few different ways I styled them plus some amazing pieces that I’ve found lately that will suit.

The most important thing is to choose pieces that you love.  If your eyes keep going back to a product, go with it – it’ll work better if you love it.

Today we scoured a gorgeous store in Windsor, Brisbane called Mama’s Home for some little and big pieces to show off the shelf.

This store definitely has everything you could ever ask for to style a kids’ room (except a few moments peace, however – that’s BYO).

I hope you find some inspiration to style your new mountain shelf 🙂

Styling your Mountain Shelf

I often get asked about styling boys’ rooms – probably because we have 4 boys rooms to work with, I’m thinking.  A mountain shelf can definitely be used in a little or big guy’s room.

I added some cute little blocks from Muffin and Mate  in the shelf as a side table piece.

The tin is a bargain find at only $5.95, that would also be cool as a tooth fairy tin I think for when the time comes ;).

Mixed with the fabric watch, you don’t need to be tidy with this styling.  Scatter, create some height with the blocks.

Because it’s so simple, you can change it up whenever you need to (or have to!).

boy mt 3

Can we talk about Mr Maileg dude here? His little top hat and vest kills me.  He’s definitely an investment piece, but what a statement he makes.  If he’s not in your budget, look for a similar tall toy to work with the double shelf action that’s going on here.

I’ve mounted one shelf onto the wall and kept the other on the table.  You could even mount both – I think diagonally would work best but obviously it depends on your space so trial a few ways before you commit!

boy mt 2

They work great as a bedside shelf too, without the table.

boy mt 5

Cute little car action.  You can pick up vintage style cars from just a few dollars.  This one had me because the colours tied in with the quilt and cushions, but honestly I think anything would work – even a trusty favourite.

boy mt 1

Choose a bed spread that’s not too matchy-matchy with your mountains.  I liked the fact that this one had pops of colour in among the neturals, so it gives you more options for mixing up decor.  The cute star cushion has a lovely 3D effect, too.  Which means you don’t need a whole heap of stuff on the bed to make it look like it’s been styled.

boy mt 4

Style it differently with the same key pieces to keep the room interesting – you don’t need to keep buying new stuff (but you totally can just because it’s fun).

Smaller cushions can also double as decor too – I’m a huge fan of cushions that aren’t really used as cushions (sorry husband, I should have put that it my wedding vows that I come with cushions).

So that’s the boy’s room done and dusted.  Inspired yet?

Feather, car, cushions, bedspread, Maileg Bunny, fabric watch, tin all from Mama’s Home.

Blocks from Muffin and Mate

Okay, for the girls styling now.

girl mt 1

I coudn’t really decide what I wanted to do for a girl’s space.  But I knew I wanted a soft but fun feel so I went with the whole pastel tutti-frutti look.

If that’s not a thing, then it is now.

You can easily switch out any of these items for another option, but I loved the vintage feel of the fabric letter on the wall.  That was actually the first thing I chose.

girl mt 3

Mr bear on the shelf is surprisingly light, so he could easily go on a mounted shelf too.  I toyed with the option of hanging a second shelf here.  If I was going to do it, I’d definitely choose a lighter shade of grey than the one in the boys’s space above.

girl mt 5

The apple basket just had to go in this space.  Imagine it full of all the bits and pieces that our little girls collect.  It’s perfect, it can’t smash and it looks amazing.

girl mt 4

One of the things I LOVE about these mountains is that even though you can’t sit things on top, it makes a perfect display for things like wands.  How cute is this little windmill.  All the heart eyes.

girl mt 2

Because I used a lot of pink (I think I’m craving pink decor right now), I wanted to do something a bit different with the bedding.  Peach is so on fleek right now, and was the perfect step between the spots of orange in the quilt and the soft pink.

I really didn’t want to unstyle this stuff once I stood back and looked at it.

Take me back to my childhood, and send this stuff too thanks.

Stay tuned for my next round of stuff I’d style with these mountain shelf – I’m curating an awesome list of 20 pieces so make sure you subscribe to get all the info xx

Windmill, apple basket,bear,carrots,letter,quilt from Mama’s Home

Peach knot cushion from Muffin and Mate