Making the move from carpet to vinyl flooring

Posted by on October 5, 2016


“Hey babe, I’ve got a great idea”

This is the sentence that strikes fear into the heart of every husband.

“Let’s get new floors so I don’t have to spend 22hrs a day editing stains out of photos that CSI would struggle to identify”.

And because marriage is all about compromise,

(and he’d had enough of me ranting on about it for weeks on end and gave up)

we finally agreed on turning one of our best lit living areas into a styling studio for The Styling Mama, that would also double as a parent’s retreat.

Just so you know where we were at – here’s a before shot.  The wall on the right was new and previously joined up to our large formal lounge room – open plan living style.

It’s not too bad, right?



But I wanted/needed something that just had that little sumpin’ sumpin’.

That pizazz.

That little touch that makes your heart skip a beat every time you look at it.

Is that normal to expect to get that from flooring????

We were  making the decision to DIVIDE and CONQUER our open plan living in a desperate attempt to adapt our home to our large family’s changing needs.

(which is pretty much a nice way of saying that we needed to be able to escape from the kids).

This is what we created:


And after sitting on lego, crushed biscuits and watching kids television for the past 11yrs, I felt like we finally deserved “our” own KID FREE zone.  (yes, I know any declared kid free zone is automatically a target for kids).

But we’d put up the wall, pulled out the skirting – it was finally happening.

Choosing the Flooring

The only thing I knew when I met up with Dayle at Andersens at Sumner Park was that I wanted light coloured vinyl flooring.  Yep – that’s the extent of the brief I came in armed with.

Andersens Flooring had replaced our carpet about 5yrs ago, so we were more than happy to turn to them again for their help for our next project.

Since the room size is 3.8m x 3.15m, we chatted about options that would suit a small space (considering that we were also had to make sure it didn’t clash with the floor tiles outside the room) so the guys came out with some samples so I could visualise it.

Because apparently for a stylist, I’m pretty crap at visualising what might look the best (or perhaps I just want it all because it’s all gorgeous and I find it ridiculously hard to make long term decisions??)

Thank goodness they came out because  once I saw the samples in the room, up against the floor tiles and in the light, I opted for a different colour than what I had originally thought.

So what did I end up choosing?  Karndean Looselay in Pearl Oak.

Honestly, this stuff FEELS and LOOKS like the real thing.  Without the maintenance. Tick, tick, TICK.

Install Day

The day I look forward to the most, yet the day I fear the most is always install day.

Because generally speaking, I have pretty bad luck when it comes to stuff.

I had three of my smallest site supervisors watching over the guys from early in the morning – apparently this is way more interesting than ABC for Kids.


These poor guys – I swear I need a disclaimer stating that you will be observed and questioned repeatedly by small children if you do work in our home.

It was getting exciting – bye bye old carpet!  AND THEN: Hello discovery of softest slab known to man kind.

See, I told you I have bad luck.

My heart sank a little when we found out what lay beneath the original underlay and I pictured months of ongoing processes to fix it.

The guys had everything they needed to be able to fix the problem, including an estimate of extra costs involved.

Which translated into – they were able to fix the issue and get the job done in the same day and I knew up front what the costs would be.

Another tick (without the eye twitch).  Back on track once again – phew.

So the floor prep began.  By this stage, I’m pretty sure the guys were getting sick of me taking photos, but here’s Paul hard at work.


(PS – I don’t usually take photos of everyone who does work in my home.  That’d just be weird).

Sorry for another snap (once again, I’m not tradie papparazzi.  I’m just a floor enthusiast, I promise).


The cutest self-declared site manager, our 3yr old Rhys waited patiently for our surface to be ready.

As you can tell by the facials, he takes his job pretty seriously.

Actually, I ‘m pretty sure he was checking to see if anyone would notice if he engraved his name in the surface.


Finally, Rhys approved the surface.


To say I got excited was an understatement when the boards started going down.

I mean, take a look at the width and the length of these bad boys.  HEAVEN.

PS – I wonder if they’d notice if I edited the invoice slightly to the whole house rather than just one room???



Be prepared for board laying spam, cos here it comes.

Once the surface was perfect, I can’t believe how quickly and efficiently the floor went down.  These guys made it look like a walk in the park.


You can see our white tiles in this pic below.  Our main walls are a very light grey (Dulux Kid Leather), and the skirting a darker shade of grey.

I love how the Karndean Pearl Oak just complements all the shades, and ties them together nicely.

Not that I spent the whole time standing here staring lovingly at how well all the colours played together*.

*I kinda did.

From where I stood – ogling the join.  The colours.  Picturing my whole house in Karndean……



And then it was almost done.

It’s funny how you can picture something in your head over and over, yet you can never be prepared for the feeling of the finished project.

The room instantly opened up, felt wider, longer, brighter – and much more on trend.  And you can forget whatever you’ve heard about vinyl flooring – I was floored by the quality.

Soz but that dad joke had to be in it.

Before the guys had even finished putting on the final touches to the flooroing, I was picturing Plantation Windows and french doors, a leather lounge and some sort of armed guard to stand at the entrance to stop kids from entering.

Too much?  Ok, maybe not a leather lounge then.

Get ready for the styled pics – eeerrrrrmmaaaagerd.

Styling our new room

To say this space was fun to style is an UNDERSTATEMENT x infinity. And beyond.

Given that this space would serve a multi purpose function of a parent’s retreat plus my styling studio, I knew that these floors could handle frequent moving of props and furniture plus all the other punishments that kids dish out on a daily basis – you know, like tipping out loads of rocks from their tonka trucks to make a building site indoors (insert emoji eye roll here).

In saying that, I still wanted pieces that were light in both colour, size and weight.

I gave myself a few criteria to work within:

  • calming tones – pink and ink, grey and white.
  • furniture and pieces that could be easily moved
  • plenty of texture and warmth
  • subtle storage solutions.

This is how I ended up with my dream space, with my dream floors.

I hope you love it as much as we already do 🙂

Styling VInyl Looselay Flooring

Scandi Family Living Room Andersens Flooring dsc_0390-1Side Table InspirationNordic Home InspirationVInyl Flooring Peal Oak Large Looselay PlanksVInyl Looselay Flooring KarneanKarndean Looselay Vinyl FLooring


Karndean Vinyl Looselay Flooring – Andersens Flooring

Floor Cushion – Lane and Co Decor

Wall Prints – Oh Hello Wall Prints

Feather Lamp and Magazine Side Table – Replica Furniture

Indigo and Pink Cushion – Adairs

Ink Woollen Throw – Mammoth Woollies

Coffee Mug Coater –  A Happy Home

Tray Table – Adairs

Candle – Bliss Me Home

White Goose – Replica Furniture

Weave – A Happy Home

Home Sweet Home Plaque – Simply Type

Key Ring – Koko Jewel

Inky Journal – Inkd Stationery

Wooden Doll Stacker – Decor Me

Nesting Dolls – Love Tildy

Baby Moccs – Folk of Oli

Bag, Shoes, Scarf,Plant Pot – KMart Australia



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