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Laundry Storage Garage Renovation

Posted by on May 13, 2020

You guys are WELL aware of our recent Laundry/Mudroom reno, right?

Let me jog your memory.

We started out with just a laundry trough in a corner of the garage. Fast forward a month or so and we’ve transformed the space into a laundry that is perfect for NINE people.

Say whaaaaaaaaat!!! Since a fully functioning commercial laundromat was kind of what we needed, we went for the next best thing to get the best laundry for a large family.

Laundry garage renovation ideas

We’re talking bench space, cupboard space and the ultimate hidden laundry storage with Häfele Home.

And as a bonus? It happens to look absolutely amazing with essential accessories that are very easy on the eye.

Now I’m definitely no renovation genius. But, like most busy families, I know what space I need and what is going to make my life easier.

Creating the perfect large family laundry

Lets face it – the laundry isn’t exactly the place you take your visitors (unless…ummmm—- nevermind). Function comes first….. but if you can make it pretty too then that’s a huge bonus!!

In a way we were starting with a blank canvas, but we still had to work around existing walls, doorways and plumbing.

To make sure we maximised the space, we had our laundry custom designed by Multistore Wardrobes and then chose our laundry storage with Häfele Home from there.

I first discovered Häfele Home when I was busy googling for knobs for the laundry cupboards.

I already knew I wanted something brass and – of course – something stunning.

Then like a true life saver, Häfele Home pops up with all the options in the world for knobs and handles.

Pic by Elouise Photographer

Right on my screen appeared exactly what I’d pictured for our laundry. Brushed brass knobs.

Hafele Home Brushed Brass Door Knobs

These little guys were PERFECT! With our classic and simple laundry design (white cupboards, bamboo benchtops, black sink and tapware), a touch of brushed brass added just the right amount of luxe.

Onto the next design point

Open shelving in the laundry

We had plenty of bare white walls in our laundry. I toyed with the idea of adding cupboards but I really didn’t want to create a boxed-in feel over the L-shaped benchtop (AKA folding station).

I decided open shelving was the way to go. Number one as an aesthetic design feature and number two as a storage option.

To tie in with the black features in the laundry sink, we added the Häfele Home Smart Cube Frames.

Hafele Home Smart Cube Frames
Pic by Elouise Photographer

These are literally as the name suggests – frames. The great thing about the Smart Cube Frames is that you can customise the look of your shelf by choosing how far apart to set the frame sets, and add a point of difference with your shelf lengths.

I’m a BIG fan of offsetting features on walls, so this was perfect for me!

We had our shelving cut to the exact size we wanted it (Bunnings have heaps of MDF or timber options you could choose from!).

Ok so we added the stuff you can see. But what about the stuff you can’t see?

Häfele Home Storage Solutions

iMove Single Tray – aka laundry storage for short people.

We had all these gorgeous cupboards – was it even possible to make them EVEN MORE FUNCTIONAL?

Hell yeah it was possible.

My first obstacle might sound familiar to some of you.

I’m short. Cupboards are high.

You see my conundrum.

We had our gorgeous laundry designed with overhead cabinets above the stacked washer/dryer.

But who has time to go get a step every time you want to access a shelf. Not me that’s for sure.

Häfele Home have a tricky little system called the iMove and I’m officially in love and need to install it in every overhead cupboard. EVERY. ONE.

The iMove is a pull down shelf system that you install inside your cupboard, making everything in easy reach just by pulling the handle down.

It comes in the iMove Single Tray (which I have), or the iMove Double (which has two shelves you can pull down).

BRILLIANT. I can now access the contents at the top of the cupboard for the first time in my life.

Onto the next sneaky storage solution.

Cleaning Agent Pull-Out – the laundry storage master

Apart from the never ending washing, I’m constantly cleaning in our busy home.

That means carting around bits and pieces and trekking back and forth to get the appropriate bottle of cleaning magic.

The Häfele Home Cleaning Agent Pull-Out to the rescue. My new best friend is a base mounted system that is perfect for under your laundry sink, or in those awkies cupboards where you lose everything at the back.

Hafele Cleaning Agent Pull Out

Instead, the Cleaning Agent Pull-Out (or laundry storage master as I like to call it) keeps all your cleaning products, cloths – whatever you need – in one place. Not only that they are even more easy to get to because the Cleaning Agent just GLIDES out of the cupboard.

I’m not even kidding. GLIDES.

No drag, no noise, no effort. Just one finger to pull the unit and it slides right out, which means I can see everything I need in an instant.

But that’s definitely not the only cool part.


Yep one of the baskets is a Lift-Out, so I basically load what I need for the job at hand (usually wee on a toilet floor) and take it all with me in one go.

All the individual pieces in the Cleaning Agent can be washed in the dishwasher, which means there’s no leaks or drips building up the plastic trays.

Laundry Storage Ideas Undersink Cleaning Agent Hafele Home

I know I sound like a crazy person but laundry storage is seriously exciting and don’t even try to pretend like you don’t agree.

It makes life super simple when you get it right, and after eyeballing the entire range of the Häfele Home laundry storage, I can’t wait to start designing our next space with some extra cool additions.

For the full range, go to Häfele Home and fall in love like I did.

*Products gifted for review. All opinions are my own and completely true.