Navy and Blush Shared Girls Room with the Snooze Bondi Bunks

Posted by on August 10, 2017

If anything is going to help you survive kids sharing a room, it has to be some navy and blush goodness.

(Sorry, I can’t stop the fighting – just throwing that out there early so I don’t get your hopes up)

Shared rooms have the potential to look AMAZING.

They don’t have to be all matchy matchy.  And you definitely can work around different age groups (tween vs toddler battle – it’s on!)

So to show you this, we (yep, the usual crew of Bear and Sparrow and I) decided to rock the Snooze Bondi Bunks separately against the Taubmans Admiralty blue wall for a girls room.

Say whhhaaaaat?

Yep navy and blush for a girls room.  Check it out.

Navy and blush girls room,kids bedrooms

How to use navy and blush (pink) in a girls room

We’ve been promising this reveal for a while, so I won’t babble on.  Mostly I’ll let the images do the talking.

We left the walls the same as our Circus Room and Space Room, but just girlied it up with the prints from Sprout and Sparrow (Beautiful and Sweet) and Ginger Monkey (sisters).

sprout and sparrow navy and blush

By using different styles of prints, we broke the room into two halves.

We personalised the space a little on the left with the wall hanging from Frankie and Gus.  The pops of colour contrast beautifully here and they definitely don’t dominate the space.

Once again – don’t go too matchy matchy!

Chuck in a funky pillowcase from Flossy P and some oh-so-pretty intricate bedding from Lazybones, and the other side becomes a piece of tranquil paradise.

The dream catcher from one of our faves Chief Thundercloud Co is sweet enough to be used now, and timeless enough to remain up to catch dreams for years to come.

navy and blush girls room the styling mama

Tip: keep the big stuff simple and beautiful

When it comes to big pieces for the room, you can’t beat the white venetians from Veneta Blinds yet again.  Just shows you how versatile and adaptable they are!

The Snooze Hipster Side table divides the room perfectly (sorry, you’ll have to work out who gets what drawer).

And then add in a Nooshy Design lamp, which is the perfect height and size so that bed occupants don’t have to look at each other if they don’t want to.

Kidding. But really.

snooze side table scandi style_the styling mama

Super sweet little touches like the personalised tote bag from Grunge and Lace for one side, and a cute little sunhat from Hat Trail also act as decor pieces.

After all, you don’t want to clutter the room by buying excessive STUFF when kids have enough stuff, am I right.

Unless its these super sweet little birds from Faith Laine – they’re are a necessity.

navy and pink girls room

And you really want the heroes of the room to be the beds.  Side by side, they look timeless, classic and ready to take on many jumping sleepovers and giggly nights.

blue and pink girls room inspiration

Keeping the room obviously different might seem hard, but it’s not if you use age appropriate pieces.  Just don’t overthink it!

Navy and blush – it’s all in the details

A cuddly toy (from Tiny Sprout Kids), and some little Woodland Friends Story Stones from Sweet Elephants pretty much seal the deal on room division.

girls room inspo the styling mama

We couldn’t pull a girls’ room together without some handmade dolls…. these ones are so classically simple (that’s a terrible description, but you get what I mean).  Amazing attention to detail, and highest of high quality from Edge of the Forest.

lazybones bedding navy and blush pink girls room

Snooze Navy Blush Girls Room_4

So there you have it.

The Snooze Bondi Bunks steal the show again, this time it’s one for the girls.

And can I just say – navy and blush are a match made in heaven.

Hope you love it!


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