Nurseries that swing both ways

Posted by on December 14, 2016


I’m one of those parents that HAD to know all of our babies genders before they arrived.

I spent hours trying to find out.  That’s no exaggeration either. The first half of my pregnancy flew by, with my eyes firmly fixed on what could have been a a doodle or a vajayjay in amongst the black and white blur of the ultrasound images.

Ridiculous? Yes.

Irrational? Yep.

Did I keep doing it for 5 babies? Of course I bloody did. Because IMPATIENT.

Anyway, long story short, I’m a control freak and had to have the nursery, clothes and everything else sorted waaaaayyyy before it was actually needed.

But if you do have more restraint than me and you want a nursery with some colour without blowing the budget, I styled up a few of my favourite brands today to show you how I would have done it if I didn’t have the willpower of custard.


The first thing I did was choose what was going to set the scene, which ended up being this beautiful soft swaddle blanket by Bondi Beach Baby.

You can just picture a chubby babe wrapped in one of these, can’t you?  I almost got clucky.



Then I picked out the perfect artwork – a fun, colourful yet sweet piece by Yukul Art.  This is one print that will see your little one through the nursery years and beyond.


Next up – decor.

Notice anything about this stuff?  Nearly all of them are toys or items that’ll get used either now or into the future.

They won’t sit just collecting dust. Well, they might initially.

Unless your newborn plays with blocks, and if he/she does, that’s pretty freaking amazing and you’re probably reading this from the 60minutes green room.


Following a baby shower is also an awesome time to style up a storm, especially if you get gifted beautiful soaps and lotions.

Stand them up together, or group them in a shallow basket with a wrap or some other cute essentials.

Placed next to some keepsake toys like this Tea Set from Make Me Iconic, they look ridiculously sweet, and you’ll get use out of them down the track.


And I just want to throw it out there that just because you’re not finding out what you’re having doesn’t mean that you can’t include pink.

Using pink that is part of a colour scheme like in these blocks from Fielding Milligan won’t look out of place, even if your babe is a boy.


Use different textures, heights and styles to mix it up.  Especially if you’re leaning towards more neutral colours.

Different tones and textures create a story on the shelf, so play around with what you’ve got.

Use hangers to showcase cute clothing, or fold them up in a neat pile.  Rolling wraps tightly and stacking them also looks great if you want to fill in some space.

And remember, there’s also nothing wrong with having some actual boy and girl items in the room.

So if you have a few “gendered” items. just place them next to some neutral pieces close to each other.  You can always move them on later if you don’t need them!

But don’t hide them away if they make cute shelfie pieces 🙂



It makes for a pretty cute space, with a few splashes of pink and blue in there to keep it real and ready.

Once babe is here, you can see whether you want to stick with what you’ve got or change it  up depending on the sex.

Plus, you’ll find that the newborn gifts you and your fresh babe receive will also make up part of your space.

Gender neutral that swings both ways.  Low cost, no waste.  BIG FAN.

Shelf – Willow and Wood

Bath wash – Le Bebe Coo Australia

Nausea Relief bands – Sea Band Australia

Ring stacker – Decor Me

Bodysuit – Hen and chicken

Dummy chain – Templeton Silver

Abacus – Jolly and Co

Arrow Teether – One, Chew, Three

Nesting Dolls – Love Tildy

Fabelab Bunny Cushion – Wiggles Piggles

Wooden Teething Toys – Pop Ya Tot

Moccs – Folk of Oli

Book – The Barber at the Harbour (Sandy Goose Books)

Bamboo Flowers – Colour and Spice