Organically Bare Coffee Scrub with my babe

Posted by on January 19, 2017

scrub 4

Coffee officially rules my life now that it can come in the shower with me.

I know I’m REALLY late to jump on the coffee scrub band wagon, and I admit that I was sceptical.  Because who wants to see precious, precious coffee washed down the drain.

Oh hell no, not me.

BTW – This isn’t sponsored – I just felt like sharing.

Right now my skin feels as soft as a baby’s bum that’s been dipped in espresso.

While Sam is walking around sniffing me and telling me I’m stinky (he hates coffee), I’m drinking in the smell that the Organically Bare Lemon and Pink Grapefruit Coffee Scrub has left lingering.

And in the spirit of being open and honest about what I don’t know about the world, I actually expected to open the packet and see pink granules.

Sleep deprivation messes with your mind, people. This is more proof that mums need more sleep ins.

But obviously, just because it was Pink Grapefruit, it doesn’t change the actual colour of the coffee granules.  (Insert LOL, rolly eyes and forehead slap emoji).

scrub 1

scrub 5

Anyway, after discovering that the coffee scrub was indeed coffee coloured and not pink (eyerolling at myself yet again), Rhys and I gave it a try in the shower today.

I wore a singlet, he wore his birthday suit, which made for a challenging first photoshoot for my photographer, Sophie (age 12).

scrub 2

We got a little heavy handed on the coffee because FUN, but my skin feels amazing.

I’m planning on getting a fake tan in a few weeks for a family photo shoot we have coming up, so I’ll be using these coffee scrubs to minimise the oompa loompa impact on my knees, elbows and ankles.

Check out Organically Bare on Insta – you won’t regret it (and it made for great entertainment for the kids too lol).

Love Kel x