Our front entry makeover with Doors Plus Guardian 2in1 Front Door

Posted by on May 24, 2018

So recently I saw the Doors Plus Guardian 2-in-1 Front Door.  And with me being me, my curiosity peaked and I had to know more.

Because as much as I love ye ol’ diamond security grill that was haunting our front entry (extreme sarcasm here), it never was easy on the eye.

But it’s been a necessary evil, because let’s face it – SAFETY COMES FIRST.

I’d been dreaming of a beautiful new front door, but I couldn’t really justify it when it was just going to be covered up by an ugly security door.

I even painted the door in the vain attempt to make it look pretty.  That didn’t really work…

UGH.  Plain and boring. And that glass…. shudder.

But when your kids love answering the door to strangers (!!!!!!), you can’t really afford not to have a security screen, right??

What’s the answer then?  Turns out there actually IS a solution, woot woot.

Transforming a front entry with Doors Plus Guardian 2-in-1

Ok so this solution really doesn’t need much explaining – the name says it all.

Except it leaves out one MAJOR word to describe it.  GENIUS.

Pure and simple, the Doors Plus Guardian 2-in-1 is genius.  Big hats off to whoever designed this.

And for someone like me who is a *tad* obsessed with pretty spaces, it ticked all my boxes.

Let me explain (in mum/decor obsessed terms).

How does the Guardian 2-in-1 work?

Ummmm like a normal door.

But seriously, you’ve got your gorgeous solid timber front door frame that you’ve been dreaming of for aaaages.

Then Doors Plus added super-secure stainless steel mesh, and an Obscure SafeGlass™ panel.  Because CLEVER.

To sum it up, you can get all the light through your door, and fresh air BUT you don’t have to open or unlock the door.

This is the awesome Doors Plus carpenter installing our Guardian 2-in-1 last week.

You can you see what I mean by a door within a door, huh?

Installing the new front door

Ok, renovations make me cringe.  Panic attack, cancel at the last minute kind of cringe.

All I worry about is mess, noise, time, tradies…….. usually I loathe the whole thing and put off doing anything major.

This process was a breeze (well, for me anyway…..).

I decided what I wanted (in our local Doors Plus store), they came out and measured, we booked the date, the carpenter arrived.

Nek minit?

BAM. New door, no mess. NO FUSS.

(poor guy had constant supervision…. hopefully the kids were taking notes lol)

See how easy it was???

Ok I’ll be honest, there were a few extra steps in here.  But he made it look super easy, so I left all those pics out – and also because the kids photobombed most of them.

Wanna see the end result???

Yeah, slight difference.  I’m not sure if you can tell?

LOL.  Kidding.

MASSIVE difference.

The whole front entry looks modern, stylish and best of all?


It got the seal of approval from Moo the cat too.

Why do I love it??

I LOVE how much privacy the glass gives, but without sacrificing on light.

Most importantly, I love that our front entry has been transformed and looks modern and beautiful, without compromising on safety.

(yes, I’m a parent who constantly worries about kids and their safety!).

Doors Plus have thought of everything with the Doors Plus Guardian 2-in-1 Front Door! It’s true – the translucent glass is safe glass, which means in the event that it does get broken, then you don’t have to be worried about dangerous shards.  Cos we all know how broken glass can keep reappearing loooooong after you’ve cleaned up 85million times.

And another thing – I think I’ve mentioned this – I loved how easy it was.  If you don’t happen to be handy on the tools (or just want the whole thing taken care of!), then chat with Doors Plus about a Doors Plus Guardian 2-in-1 Front Door.   I kinda feel like I’m repeating the ad here, but you know how they say that they can “fit, stain and deliver”?

It’s totally true.  There was NO FUSS in the whole process.

Your front entry and real estate street appeal

I hit up one of our local real estate agents about the importance of a funky front door in terms of adding street appeal to a home.

This is what they said:

“a great way to add potential value to your home is ensuring you have the best possible street appeal, starting with the front door.  It will be one of the first features they see when they arrive, and the last when leaving.”

Well I reckon this is a pretty AMAZING way to introduce a home, don’t you think?

HUGE thanks to Doors Plus for installing and letting me feature their new Guardian 2-in-1 Front Door.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  I’ll spam my Instagram with more pictures tonight!

Kel xx