Playroom makeover: fun, colourful and functional!

Posted by on September 11, 2017

We were really due for a playroom makeover.  Like, overdue.

Quick backstory:  we once had this room re-carpeted.

Yep, we pulled up the existing carpet and replaced it with… wait for it…. more carpet.

ROOKIE ERROR.  But in my defence, I hadn’t discovered Karndean LooseLay Longlength Vinyl flooring.

It’s officially my life mission to put this flooring gold through my whole house (as well as other missions, like feeding and nurturing my children yadayadayada).

I’ve raved about it for a year now – so easy to keep clean, great underfoot, low maintenance and looks fab. Tickety tick tick tickeroo.

So new flooring of course means….


I’ve been promising this badboy for a while now, and it’s finally here.

Is it worth the wait?  ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY!

playroom inspiration decor

Just wait til you see the details – this room has everything.

Except for its own cleaner.

That’d be me *eyeroll*.

The size of this room demanded a feature wall.  Actually, it demanded Luxe Walls  removable, reusable wallpaper.

I worked with the designers at Luxe Walls to come up with this gorgeous blue (ish?) design.  Looks legit huh?

Indoor cubby 4morekids

AND I did it by myself (ok, I had a little bit of help).  Seriously, I’ve never touched wallpaper in my life, it scares the crap out of me.  But this was easy peasy to put up, and it looks and FEELS gorgeous.

With the walls and floors sorted, bring on the playtime fun!

Most of you guys know I have 5 kiddos that use this space.  Actually, the four youngest (all boys) are the main inhabitants.

So what did it need? An indoor cubby.

(which is now a fortress in Nerf wars).

This gorgeous one is from 4kidsnmore, which I added some bits and pieces too to make it gender neutral and multipurpose.

Indoor cubby ideas

If I was a kid, this would be my dream cubby.  And as a parent, it rates pretty highly too.

I love its stability, and simplicity.  I painted and assembled this myself (finally worked out how to use the drill attachment).


DSC_0062 (613 x 409)

DSC_0058 (613 x 409)

And I love, of course, the design! But there are heaps of other designs too.

Next to this, I put a sweet little “quiet corner” in.

Indoor cubby ideas

Bahahahaa. Kidding.  They have pillow fights here.

But the intentions are good – a couple of nice cushy cushions (the patterned one is from Sugarcane Trading Co), a soft blanky from Jack’s Room Quilts (see that mint green backing? so so SO soft!!) makes me want to curl up with a good book!


Playroom reading corner nook

UMMMM now lets talk about the elephant in the room.  And that’s what’s ON the wall here.

Let’s start at the top with the COOOOOLEST light.  It’s from Livly and – you’ll be shocked at this – I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colour. How much fun is orange.

Fun lights for kids rooms

I’m loving the happy vibes that come from the little acrylic wall hanging that kind of “pops” out of the wall with its clever design by Who Can Toucan.

PS23 (613 x 409)

Let’s talk PRINTS for playrooms.

And I see you eyeing off the Monopoly, Slinky and Building Blocks patents from Fizzy Pop Designs – they are part of her new line, The Art of Inventing Toys Poster Collection.

Bloody hell it was hard to narrow it down to just these three!! I think they’d also look AMAZING in smaller sizes, in rows.  Or one big ginormous one would look cool too.  They are DEFINITELY unique and ones to look out for – my hot tip is that they will be popping up in Insta rooms errrrrywhere.

Hellooooooooo new design from Sprout and Sparrow on their ever-famous PLAY print.  I love the way these colours work in with the other decor, they stand out without taking over.


Seeing as we’ve jumped to this side of the room, we’ll start playing around here.

I’ve used this corner as a fun zone for this Playroom Makeover.  You’ve got your incredible costumes from The Wacky Wardrobe, as well as – of course – WOODEN TOYS TO DIE FOR.

Let’s start with the mailbox from Dear Little Designs.  Kiddies love to post letters and get mail – so this is perfect for that creative side!

I wonder if you’d ever find a biscuit and an apple core in there…. #askingforafriend.

DSC_0023 (613 x 409)

The little Toolbox Workbench is such a fab idea for my busy little 4yr old.  He can hammer away til his heart is content and copy Daddy in the garage. Cuuuuute. You can get this one from Bubble and Bird.



And if you’ve got emergency services fans, the Have a Nice Day Police Station needs to go on your Christmas list STAT.

Seriously- it’s one of those toys that they love playing with and you love displaying.  Gosh I love toys that are multipurpose 😉

Their toys are all handmade – take a look at the little plane too! Once again, good for them and easy on the eyes.


Now if I can just steer your eyes away from that yellow wall, and direct you to the, ummmm…. other yellow stuff.

Can you hear that? That’s the sound of a SILENT ticking clock. Every parent’s dream. It’s a Clocksicle clock.

Because ain’t no one wants to hear “tick tick tick tick….” that sounds like the equivalent of an aeroplane taking off when the house is quiet.

They come in heaps of colours, but me being me – chose yellow. Expect to see this guy around my Insta as well as the rest of the world’s!

PR18 (613 x 920)

This little clock takes pride of place over our little mudroom (or crap dumping space).

With four at school and one off to school next year, we have lunchboxes, shoes, bags, hats and notes galore so this little zone keeps it all together for me.

Bags (like these ones from Colour and Spice, customised library bags for my two littlest guys!!).


Shoes go in the little baskets underneath (which I picked up from a relove store and added wheels to).

Bits and pieces, like mouthguards, jumpers etc go in the green cabinet (just from IKEA).

And then on the other wall we have a little blackboard sticker that I keep track of who has what on what days.  Homework folders, notes etc all go in the little magazine holders underneath, ready to go when they are needed.


We bought this table from Pottery Barn Kids, and wanted chairs that the older ones could use as well as the little ones.

Enter my lifesaver Ella Avenue who upcycled these four gorgeous little chairs for me, and went with my very vague colour description to come up with exactly what I had in mind!!

Perfectly clashing and matching at the same time.

PS21 (613 x 409)


This is our little creative zone.  It was actually my daughter Sophie’s idea to paint the wall yellow. Clever chook.

We’ve used cheap and simple IKEA kitchen storage for pens and pencils.

Oh, and can you see the pinboard? OF COURSE YOU CAN!! It’s epic.

Because when you have lots of kids, you get lots of art to display!!

Perfecto for getting everyone’s stuff on show, and it’s made from recycled materials by the clever Sachi and Daphs.

DSC_0069_edited-1 (613 x 532)

And no room is complete without a Chihuahua on a chair, right? Tis a bit cute thanks Just Add Water Colour.

DSC_0073 (613 x 920)

I have about 8 million more pictures, and so many tags!

So if you would like to know more about this room, please contact me via email or catch me on Insta @thestylingmama.

Thank you to ALLLLL the brands involved in creating this space, it was so much fun.  And still is!

Hope you’ve found some inspo for your home xxxx