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Posted by on January 31, 2020

Mama Reviews. Your brands. Your stores. Your neighbourhood.

You know when something just feels RIGHT?

That little feeling you get when you see something you love.

Or maybe it’s that vibe you get when you walk into a store, or pull the packaging off something you’ve been waiting for and a smile creeps onto your face.

Maybe it’s the way someone makes you feel – a smile, a joke, that extra little sumthin’ sumthin’ that just makes you go WOW.

That feeling is pretty cool.

And there are SO SO SO many brands, products and stores that just OOOOOOOZE that little extra something.

I want to talk about those places, those things, those people.


Introducing Mama Reviews.

Here’s how Mama Reviews will work.

Step 1.  I see something cool.  Maybe it’s something online.  Maybe it’s been somewhere I’ve been, or something I’ve been sent to review.

Step 2.  I’ll show you it and tell you why I love it, how I use it/style it/wear it etc.  I might even share some discount codes here and there.

Step 3.  *crickets* That’s it.  Nothing else. Just sharing the love.

Do you want to be a reviewer too?

I’m based in Brisbane, but maybe you’re based somewhere else in Australia and you’ve seen something you think neeeeeeds to be talked about STAT.

If you can write a cool review and you’re happy to chat to people about what they’re doing, then get in touch to see if you can be part of our review team.

You can visit me on Instagram or send me an email at

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Want your stuff reviewed?

If you think your stuff is pretty cool, I’d love to know about it.

Maybe you’re a HUGE business.  That’s cool, I don’t scare easy.

Or perhaps you’re just starting out.  Woohoo! Let’s get you noticed.

I’m happy to visit your store, or come see you in action doing your thang, or just catch up and see what your brand is all about.

Just get in touch below and let’s talk turkey*

*figure of speech, I don’t actually want to talk about Turkeys. Unless that’s your brand….