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Posted by on February 7, 2016

Styling a room for toddler boys can be really difficult.  Their toys and loved favourites are often all different colours and their curious nature really impacts on how much you can have on display.  We have four boys and I can pretty much say that nothing stays where I put it.  What’s the way around this?  Use their toys and favourites as the feature decor, and dress around it with the colour palette you’ve chosen!

I hit Bowerbird Impulsive Necessities to choose some key pieces that would serve as decor, but also as toys that can be played with, or popped on a shelf as a feature for those few minutes when the room is actually tidy.



These beautiful cushions caught my eye immediately, and formed the basic colour palette I was looking for.

I chose a mixture of patterned and textured cushions, as well as the themed house cushion.  I love that these can form part of playtime, but also look fabulous sitting on a bed.  Plus, choosing a mixture of colours and designs means that many of these cushions will grow with your child – meaning more bang for your buck!

Choosing decor at Bowerbird



Unless you’ve committed fully to a theme, don’t be afraid to mix and match your decor.  I chose some lovely timber products from the homewares section of Bowerbird, such as the small hex shelf and the cute “You make me smile” wall hanging as my shelf items.  By choosing these as my base pieces, I could then add our existing decor to it, including toys. This means you have more versatility when it comes to mixing things up in your toddler boy’s room.



Toys as decorations? Hell yes!  There are so many beautiful toys among our collections these days.  Rotate the toys on the shelf and you’re not only guaranteed to get a fresh look each time, but you’ll find that by putting the old toys on display, they become new again.



Costumes make the BEST wallhangings!  Just grab some cool hooks and some coathangers and those dressups that get shoved in the box immediately form part of creating a space that embraces your toddler’s personality.  Plus, they look fun too!


Wooden toys and interactive toys make beautiful shelf items.  How cute is this little Lunchbox set that I picked up at Bowerbird?  Gorgeous to look at and fun to play with.


Hats, shoes and clothing also make great accessories for your toddler room.  A cool hat hanging from a chair or placed on a shelf looks so cute.  Pop some shoes nearby and you’ve got functional yet gorgeous decor instantly.

DSC_0793 DSC_0807

The End Result


The hardest thing at Bowerbird was to narrow it down!  But by the look on my toddler’s face when he saw this gorgeous collection of their goodies, I think we chose some winners!  If you want to shop this look at Bowerbird Impulsive Necessities, get in touch with Jenn via Facebook and she can hook you up with the goods no matter where you are!

About Bowerbird Impulsive Necessities

From the minute I first stepped foot through the doors of Bowerbird, I was lost.  Lost in a world full of beauty, sweetness, charm and class.  I didn’t even know the store existed until moments before, yet all of a sudden it made my list of places that everyone must know about.

And I knew it must be something special, because I went in with a friend and came out with bags full of goodies that I just knew I needed in our home.

If you’re not a Brisbane dweller, don’t stress because although Bowerbird is located on Oxley Station Road, those of you who want to experience the magic can order through Jenn (Owner) on their Facebook page or very soon on their new website which is currently under construction.

Bowerbird stocks a beautiful range of big brands through to small businesses and handmade wares.  It’s kind of hard to describe what Jenn sells.  You can get all your special pieces for your baby or child’s room,  wooden toys, handmade costumes, teepees – all the pieces to inspire the magic of childhood.  Step a little further through the store and you’re greeted with divine homewares – cushions, macrame, wall prints, wall hooks and the list goes on.  Handmade cards that are a gift in themselves, jewellery, shoes and clothing, candles and just about everything in between is on display.  The longer you stay, the more you see and fall in love with – Bowerbird needs to come with a warning stating that they can’t be held responsible for any impulsive purchases that are almost a guarantee.

The store is only 18mths young and already has a loyal following of local lovers.  In fact, there are even mother’s groups who travel up to 2hrs just to shop at Bowerbird.  If that’s not saying something, I don’t know what is!  Keep an eye out for their website coming soon, you won’t be disappointed.