Sending Snooze Bunks into a space themed room

Posted by on July 3, 2017

Forget the glow in the dark stickers on the ceiling.

We took a space themed room to a whole new level in our most recent room makeover using the Snooze Bondi Bunks.

Lisa from Bear and Sparrow actually came up with this theme.  She’s a clever cookie that one.

We even have a behind the scenes video for you courtesy of Visual Abode.

The inspo to pull this room together came from a KMart hack on the circle shelves, which Bear and Sparrow will tell you all about very soon.

Kmart Hack Bear and Sparrow The Styling Mama

Our goal for this room was to show how EASILY you can change the theme of a room just by switching out a few key pieces.

We left the wall colour the beautiful shade of Taubmans Admirality (the same as our Circus themed room), and split the bunks in two and just used ONE single bed.

That’s the beauty of high quality, versatile furniture.  Especially when you’re a decor-changing enthusiast like me…

The beds are really easy to take apart too (we’ll show you another way to use them separately very soon!)

Using simple and functional window coverings like these White PVC Ventian Blinds from Veneta Blinds also meant that transitioning between themes is easy.

Space Room 12

While it would have been easy to choose bedding that was covered in space ships, rockets, stars and moons, we opted for reversible bedding from The Midnight Gang.

Monochrome on one side, with gorgeous galactical colours on the other depending what mood you’re in!

Space Room 5

And remember that creating a theme doesn’t have to be all about snazzy wall features and bedding.

Even little touches like choosing the right coloured cushion covers, or some cool themed toys is enough to make the room go from boring to fab.

We got our hands on the lovely rocket ship costume from The Wacky Wardrobe, which tied in with our theme.

So if you’re up struggle street when it comes to decor (and budget), choose something that is multipurpose.

The rocket ship dress up would look awesome hanging from a wall, and then it’s a great source of inspiration when it comes to play time.


Space Room 3

Less is DEFINITELY more when it comes to themes.

If you cram a whole heap of space style stuff into the room, it’s just going to look like the solar system was put into a blender and poured into your bedroom.

Choose a couple of books and toys that work to dress shelves, but you definitely don’t need to become a crazy person on a space decor finding mission to get the look you’re after.

A few things with stars, some pops of colour and some fairy lights tied this room together without breaking the budget.

Space Room 6


We need to talk about the wall.

Specifically, this astronaut.

He doesn’t have a name, but I feel like calling him Joe.

Joe is a 3D cut out, sitting on a piece of board that is painted the same colour as the walls, with a regular picture frame to wrap him up.

With both the uber cool planet shelf (kmart hack) hanging out beside Astronaut Joe, this wall doesn’t need anything else.

It’s simple, classic and STUNNING.  And it’s FUN! (even my 7r old thought it was SOOOOO COOOOOL).

And it’s made by none other than…… yep Bear and Sparrow. Now she’s just showing off.

Space Room 10

Kids spend a ridiculous amount of time playing on the floor (much to my tailbone’s disgust).

I always love to include a plush rug where possible, like the woollen rug from Choices Flooring.

Our carpet doesn’t have much life left in it (it’s more like it’s fossilised) , so the kids love to play on this as ten soft things rug.

And there you have it, space fans.

Same walls, furniture, shelves, cushions and rug. Switch out some bedding and a couple of wall prints and VOILA.

Space Room 11

You can also view the full interview with us on how and why and general babble on our You Tube Channel

Thanks to all the brands who lent us products for this shoot to happen – you all rock.

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