Stuff for Mums to do these School Holidays

Posted by on April 6, 2017


Is it even possible to find stuff for Mums to do these school holidays?  There are 50 billion websites dedicated to school holiday activities. 50 billion trillion ideas for the kids.


I don’t know about you, but I’m about to go mental if I don’t get some time out soon.  But seeing as I’m a FIFO wife, I can’t see it happening.

And so, because I care about the mental health of Mums, and the positive flow on effect that happy and relaxed parents has on EVERYTHING else, here’s some stuff to do with the kids in tow.

Soz but some of it will cost money…

Find a hairdresser that is kid friendly

THEY EXIST!! I’m in Brisbane, so I go to Hopscotch Hair which has a fully supervised creche.

That’s a huge deal if you’ve got a new baby that is on the boob every 5 seconds, or if you need your roots done for an occasion but have no one to watch the kids.

MASSIVE bonus is that Jess is probably the best hairdresser I’ve had in 10yrs.

Stuff for Mums to do these school holidays - get your hair done! Stuff for Mums to do these school holidays - fully supervised free creche at Hopscotch Hair Brisbane

IKEA. ’nuff said.

Is there no void that this Swedish giant can’t fill in our lives?

Just in case you’re one of the people that get so overwhelmed with the IKEA experience that you miss half of what is going on, IKEA will mind your kids while you grab that one bowl you went for.

And those cushions. And that storage unit. Don’t forget the utensils and curtains and a Poang chair.

This is a brilliant solution if  you are dying to fit in a bit of non-whinge filled shopping.

I’d be planning to do it with some friends, starting with a cuppa and cake and then a relaxed stroll to get all the stuff that’s not actually on your list before you pick the kids up.

Not that I’ve planned it out or anything.

With any luck, they’ll be exhausted from play and play quietly for the rest of the day (bahahahaa – geez I’m funny).

Every IKEA is prob different so check your local IKEA for their times etc.

Stuff for Mums to do these holidays - free childminding while you shop

Free Shopping Centre Kids Workshops

Maybe you want to try on some bras without your kids wondering (loudly) why your boobs hang down so low..

Or with Easter approaching, it’s really hard to actually BUY the eggs without the kids seeing them (especially if you ate the first lot of eggs you bought).

Finding stuff for Mums to do these school holidays when you have a gaggle of children with you that doesn’t cost the world…. yep it IS possible.

I’d be calling your local shopping centres (small and large) about any Workshops or child minding activities they have on these holidays and plan your undies and chocolate shopping around it.

Google “school holiday workshops” or “shopping centre school holiday workshops” in your suburb/city to see what pops up.

Or there are Stay’nPlay Centres to check out too, which we’ve done before and the kids have loved.

School Holiday Workshops Workshops and Holiday Programs

It was inevitable that eventually you might have to pay for someone to entertain your kids… but if it’s as cool as the programs that Bricks4Kidz offers, the kids will love it and you’ll love the time out.

They run programs all around Australia – I am seriously looking at booking my older three kids in for a half day session in the second week of the holidays if we can decide on which one to do!

Stuff for Mums to do these School Holidays without the kids

Share the kids around

For some reason, I always find it easier to have extra kids than just my own day in day out on the holidays.

It breaks up the monotony and changes the dynamic (that is the PC way to say it stops the whinging and complaining and gives them something to do that doesn’t involve eating everything they can find).  Finding stuff for Mums to do these school holidays to stay sane might mean tapping into your mummy network!

It’s a “you take my kids for two hours today, I’ll take your kids for two hours tomorrow” kind of deal.  Trust me, we all need our down time so find your tribe!!

School Holidays can be exhausting

I love and loathe holidays.  If we have plans (and money) then, yay! But sometimes, you’re stuck at home with not much to do.

If you’re going insane, see what is around in your local area.  Put a shoutout on a community page – you never know what stuff to do might be on that you don’t know about!

Just remember to take some time out for you.  Planning for a DIY pedi and mani with some decadent chocolate and ice cream (or cheese and crackers!) after the kids are in bed might be enough to get you through a crappy day of child wrangling.

Now I’m off to break up Round 197 of boxing that is going on in my lounge.  That one was definitely NOT on my list of stuff for Mums to do these school holidays

Seriously, someone needs to put this stuff in a “what to expect before you’re expecting” book.

GOOD LUCK PARENTS!! We’ve got this (even if we drop it occasionally lol).

Love, Kel x