How to style a tween room

Posted by on February 12, 2017

I get asked HEAPS about how to style tween rooms.

Tween rooms decorating ideas

You know why – we’ve all been a tween.  It’s that awkward stage where you think you’re really awesome and know everything and should be able to do EVERYTHING adults can.

Actually, tweens are confident that they can do it better than everyone else.  This also applies to teenage years, except you add in another 10 layers of hormones and attitude.

What a delight.  And we thought the pain ended after childbirth.

How wrong could we have been????

We have two tweens right now, one boy and one girl, and at first I found it really hard to “cater” to them.

The cynics will say, pffffft they are lucky they have a room.

Very true.

But if you DO decide that you want to up the anti on your tween’s bedroom, then read on about styling tween rooms.

My biggest tip to styling tween rooms


Because tweens are fickle creatures.  What might be cool today is SAAAAAAH not cool tomorrow.

Like, the other day I got told off for saying “soz”.  Apparently I’m too old for that?

Soz kids.

Shit, I mean- sorry kids.

Adam (10) wanted a little more colour in his room.  Which in itself is difficult given that he is red/green colourblind.

Ugh, as if choosing colours wasn’t hard enough without them seeing everything differently.

So I (reluctantly) visited IKEA today – because: GOOD MUM, sacrifices blah blah blah.

Kidding – any excuse to go to ikea is fine with me – and I picked up some colour to add to his room to go with the new bedding from Whimsy Kids and the Art By Caz print from Meeny Miny.

The way you’ll pick a room that works is by choosing stuff that your kid likes, and that YOU like too.  That’ll give you the longevity you need from the investment.

Adam is into sport, bikes, books, cars – you know, typical cool stuff.  So a random selection of cool stuff that kinda matched is always another winner when decorating tween rooms.

This is our mini makeover result!

Tween rooms inspiration

Small changes that make a big difference

The little change was a burnt orange fitted sheet.  If you know me, I loathe too much “matchy matchy” so this was a nice little pop of colour peeking out in the occurrence that his bed isn’t made.

So basically I’ll get to see it daily *eyeroll*.

Storage for tween rooms

The paper “toy” storage bag has been handed down to the little ones, and a basket is a great substitute for tween rooms.

This is actually a washing basket from IKEA but makes the perfect size for all those random sporting items.

Using colour in tween rooms

I hung our Taylored Dots Willow the Wolf Print using a pants hanger from IKEA.  I know I’m not the first to do this, but I feel pretty clever right now.

Plus I ran out of A3 frames, so it was this or nothing.  #winning.

Boys tween rooms ideas

Tween room MUSTS

My mantra: Beside storage, bedside storage, bedside storage – because otherwise all the crap gets left out on show and all your efforts for styling your tween rooms is pointless.

The Willow and Wood Scand Bedside is awesome, with a large deep drawer to accommodate a lot of crap.  I plan on stealing it from Adam’s room and using it for me very soon.

(See the new succulent? We continue to play a little game known as  “How long until we kill it”.  I’ll keep you posted).

Tween boys room 7

Having the shelf under the drawer is also a bonus, but what gets me is the FLOATING part.  It makes the space seem bigger than it actually is, which I love.

And at the risk of sounding repetitive – you could chuck a basket under there for extra storage too.

I promise I won’t use the word storage again.

Tween boys room 9

Having smaller hidey holes in a great way for kids to display their own stuff.  Our Bear and Sparrow Retro Radio Shadow Box gets used as a decor item for tween rooms, a shelf and also in the kids’ games.

Most days it lives on Adam’s desk, with his iPad leaning inside it like a little TV.  Pretty cool.

See – didn’t mention storage once.

Find something a little different (but not too different, of course)

We’ve had this A shelf for ages and I still love it.  I actually quite like it bare too, or hanging back to front so you can’t see the shelves.

Fill it up or leave it bare, it’s up to you and your tween.

Tween boys room 11

I mentioned our cool new bedding earlier – this is it.

We use a double quilt on a single bed for Adam, as it provides extra storage space underneath his bed for things like board games, apple cores, half eaten sandwiches and probably a half eaten banana.

This Whimsy Kids linen is beautiful quality and this design will definitely suit the littlest bike enthusiasts through to big ones.

Crap it – I mentioned storage. Soz.

I mean, sorry.

There you have it – a few little changes and it feels like a brand new space.

I’d love to know what you think!

Love Kel x

Tween boys room 13