10 reasons to join Honey & Co Club – Postal Gift Club for Kids

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I’m sure when my kids get older they won’t be so enthusiastic about opening a $1000 rego bill, but for now it’s a novelty to rip it open and then hand it to me to take care of.

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Keeping memories alive – the perfect keepsake.

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What are the perfect keepsakes?

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that become a treasured keepsake.  It’s amazing how much you can treasure one thing as a permanent reminder, long after the moment has passed.

The most treasured keepsake of all

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Baby Skincare that’s not just for babies – Moo Goo

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le bebe coo_the styling mama_1

FACT: I started off with the heading Coo-coo over Le Bebe Coo.  Because I really am crazy for this stuff. My kids will back that up.

And maybe the neighbours.  *mental note – follow up that neighbours don’t think I’m Read the rest