Meeting Lara from Yukul Art – Business Review

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The Styling Mama_YukulArt_Whale1

When my kids ask me to draw them a picture, I draw stick figures.  I draw bubble cars with wonky wheels, maybe the odd cat that could be mistaken for a cow/dog/horse/sheep.

But I bet when Lara’s kids grow … Read the rest

My Brush with Fame and Shhh Silk Pillowcases

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I’ve heard about people sleeping on silk sheets, and I always imagined it to be like wearing satin boxer shorts.

I imagined the sheets sticking to me when I was even the slightest bit warm.  I imagined slip sliding … Read the rest

How are you styling your Make and Style It Moon Shelf?

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Make and Style It Moon Shelf - Pastel Play Room_1

We can’t wait to start seeing all the ways you clever people style your Make and Style It Moon shelf – the very first release from Bear and Sparrow and The Styling Mama’s new collaboration!

So while we (very impatiently) … Read the rest

I’ll have High Tea with Designer Rugs anyday

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dr 31

I’ve never been inspired by a rug before.

I’ve never met a rug that made me fall in love with it, swept me off my feet and made me picture growing old together, walking hand and tassel into a sunset.… Read the rest

Make and Style It: Hello Mountain shelf!

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boy mt 7

I’m told by Lisa-Marie at Bear and Sparrow that this mountain shelf Kmart hack is pretty easy.  Having never attempted to use tools more than a handful of times in my life, I’ll take her word for it and welcome … Read the rest

Make and Style It – DIY Designer Living Launch

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Make Style Logo

Welcome to the launch of Make and Style It – DIY Designer Living! Thanks for coming on this amazing ride with us.

You know what this is all about? Creating beautiful stuff.  Beautiful spaces.  And doing it yourself.  On a … Read the rest