Colours in kids rooms: do they really matter?

Feb/6 By

I’ve always wondered if using colours in kids rooms made any difference.  So I have to admit that I was more than impressed when I found out that Amanda (Owner of Mama’s Home) was a Educational and Developmental Psychologist (the … Read the rest

A Vintage Style Party for Tween Girls

Dec/2 By


It’s ridiculous that I have a 12yr old now.

Considering that at 12 I thought I knew everything (it’s highly likely I did, because: awesome), I still look at our oldest and marvel at how grown up she can be … Read the rest

Luxe Christmas Decorating

Nov/28 By


My family might just be historically the most un-luxe decorators on the planet.

When you picture my Christmas, picture homemade decorations, lots of trashy tinsel, keepsake decorations that are older than fossils, with plenty of gorgeous kid’s artwork adorning the … Read the rest

Tween Room Birthday Makeover for Mia

Nov/6 By


Turning double digits is a pretty big deal.

It’s the kid’s equivalent of us hitting the big 5-0 I think, except without the mid-life crisis looming overhead.

Tweens are notoriously hard to buy birthday presents for .

What they want … Read the rest

Looking for Christmas Inspiration? Here it is!

Oct/24 By

Christmas Inspiration 2016

This is what I dream of my Christmas looking like.

But we have kids, and our house isn’t a display home (despite what my Insta feed may look like). so it looks nothing like this. Waaahhhhhhhhh.

BUT – I put … Read the rest

Christmas Gift Inspiration for the Boys

Oct/18 By


Ok, so nearly all of this stuff is girl friendly too.

It just happens that I had two of my main men there ready to model for this gear, so I’ve popped it all in the BOYS GIFT INSPO category.… Read the rest