Organically Bare Coffee Scrub with my babe

Jan/19 By

scrub 4

Coffee officially rules my life now that it can come in the shower with me.

I know I’m REALLY late to jump on the coffee scrub band wagon, and I admit that I was sceptical.  Because who wants to see … Read the rest

How not to fix a bad hair cut

Jan/15 By


I think I might get my hair cut.

They were the last words I uttered before I made the decision to place myself in front of a complete stranger who was armed with a pair of scissors and a … Read the rest

15 minutes of freedom and I panicked

Jan/14 By

After 3 weeks of school holidays and never ending MUUUMs (our record was 18 Mums from one child as he was walking down the hallway to find me), I have forgotten what the words “peace”, “quiet” or “peeing alone” actually … Read the rest

Regrets of a WAHM

Dec/29 By

Do you know what most people say when I tell them I work from home?

“Oh you’re so lucky you get to stay at home and be with the kids and work when you want to.”

Well, yep I am.  … Read the rest