Long car trips while pregnant

GUEST BLOG: 12 Tips to surviving a road trip while pregnant

May/23 By

Road trips can be fun and are a wonderful way to see the countryside.  Planning a trip while pregnant can be just as much fun, however, you may need to consult your healthcare provider first, depending on the distance you Read the rest

Parenting Blogger_Simba Mattress review

Simba Mattress: the most comfortable mattress EVER

Apr/26 By

Ok, so EVER might be a little hard to prove, but seriously – the Simba Mattress would be hard to beat.

(And yes, I’d be willing to try every mattress in the world- you know, for quality control purposes.  Is … Read the rest

GUEST BLOG: How to Maximize Natural Light in Your Home and Why It Is Important for Your Kids

Mar/27 By

While it is essential for children to spend time outside, the fact is that they don’t, which significantly increases their exposure to artificial light sources. This is bad because our bodies require sunlight to function properly. Natural light increases the Read the rest

SLI – Expressive and receptive language disorder: a new road for us.

SLI – Expressive and receptive language disorder: a new road for us.

May/3 By

Speech Language Impairment, expressive and receptive language disorder.  Just some of the terms I heard today.

It’s pretty rare that I blog twice in one night, given that sometimes I struggle to write once a week.

Tonight I’ve got a … Read the rest

Skinny jeans are back in rotation thanks to Hypoxi

May/3 By

You know how sales assistants always tell you to go down a size to allow for stretch in denim?

Well my sized-down jeans were banished to the back of the wardrobe when they started cutting off blood supply to my … Read the rest

Hyped up about Hypoxi targeted cellulite reduction

Mar/9 By

Hypoxi targeted cellulite reduction (say whaaaaat??)

So this little number I’m wearing here is all about Hypoxi targeted cellulite reduction.  Bloody cellulite.  That stuff has been on my thighs since I was a teenager, and no matter how much weight … Read the rest

Keeping memories alive – the perfect keepsake.

Mar/7 By

What are the perfect keepsakes?

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that become a treasured keepsake.  It’s amazing how much you can treasure one thing as a permanent reminder, long after the moment has passed.

The most treasured keepsake of all

If this article is full of … Read the rest

Organically Bare Coffee Scrub with my babe

Jan/19 By

scrub 4

Coffee officially rules my life now that it can come in the shower with me.

I know I’m REALLY late to jump on the coffee scrub band wagon, and I admit that I was sceptical.  Because who wants to see … Read the rest

15 minutes of freedom and I panicked

Jan/14 By

After 3 weeks of school holidays and never ending MUUUMs (our record was 18 Mums from one child as he was walking down the hallway to find me), I have forgotten what the words “peace”, “quiet” or “peeing alone” actually … Read the rest

Regrets of a WAHM

Dec/29 By

Do you know what most people say when I tell them I work from home?

“Oh you’re so lucky you get to stay at home and be with the kids and work when you want to.”

Well, yep I am.  … Read the rest