Three reasons to add accessories to your living room

Posted by on October 25, 2016




I’ve never been one for throws, blankets, cushions – with the exception of feeding cushions and burping cloths, generally speaking our house has been pretty simple.

But I’ve learnt that some strategically placed throws and wall art can do a few things:

  1. Change your space without changing the big ticket items;
  2. Hide texta and handprints on the lounge;
  3. Make you feel as though your space is not overrun by kid’s stuff, while being easy to put away if you need.

Those are my top reasons for mixing up our so called “parent’s retreat” with some beautiful new things.  The room should actually be called

“the room that everyone likes to sit in because it is actually clean and tidy and mum tries to hide in there but everyone always finds her”.

Pretty long title, but accurate.

So here’s the new space – just a few added bits and pieces strategically placed around the room to make it feel more welcoming.

Every home should have a superhero (Superman/ninja turtle) to greet them.  It’s standard decorating these days.

Muuuuuuuuum can I be in the photo, can I  be in the photo I WANNA BE IN A PHOTOOOOOOOOOOO.

Is pretty much what he said as he raced into the centre of the room to do a cheesy grin pose.


These sofas are well loved, so a gorgeous Ardour Wolf Design “Robin” throw covers the marks that I can’t get out (AKA all of them) quite nicely.


Neutral prints with the perfect amount of text in our “Family” typography print by Yorkelee makes sure the space isn’t too busy.



It’s all in the details, from being able to throw your stuff (keys, cash) down on the coffee table, but having a “place” to throw it.  And a beautiful textured journal to jot all the stuff down as it comes into my head so that I don’t lay awake at night trying to remember everything I thought of that day.

Sometimes that technique works, other times the kids colour in a few pages before I yell NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


As it gets warmer, I’m thinking our Ink woollen throw would look nice rolled up in a basket too as a feature.



Because my Pearl Oak Vinyl Floors are too good not have their own close up (warning: this may be considered floor porn).


Can we talk about the elephant in the room?  This MEGA weave is from Staple & Seed. It’s amazing. I don’t need to say anything else except I love him and I call him Ralph.


So there you have it, enough colour to make it inviting, yet easy to switch it up when you get itchy decorating hands

(that’s an actual condition that I’m sure half on Instagram suffers from).

Lamp – Nooshy Design

Knot cushion – Muffin and Mate

Horse Print – Oh Hello Wall Prints

Zebra Print – Taylored Dots

Trestle Table – Adairs

Marigold Rug – Armadillo & Co

Candle – Bliss Me Home

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