Toy Story 4 is finally out and it’s AMAZING

Toy Story 4 Review_ The Styling Mama

Posted by on June 17, 2019

Like you actually need a reason to go see Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 4.  We’ve all been waiting (not so patiently) since 2010 when Woody and Buzz last rocked our screens and messed with our hearts.

I’m not a huge fan of writing movie reviews (read: my first movie review) but for some reason I felt like this movie deserved one.  I always worry a little when sequels come out, especially ones so highly anticipated.  Toy Story is a huuuuge deal in our home and the kids have been writing on Woody’s boot since they were old enough to find a permanent marker (insert face palm emoji).

Toy Story 4 Review Disney Pixar

My advice?

Go see it.

Pack a few tissues.

Be ready to laugh.

Be ready for a few jump scares.

I’m not going to spoil the whole movie in this spiel, but I will tell you WHO and what I loved and why.

The new characters are awesome, but I think it’s the story line that is the star.  Seriously, who sits there and comes up with these ideas.

Who can write stories like this for a KIDS CGI FILM that make you feel whatever each character is feeling.


Even with the creepy antique doll Vincent (I was almost expecting a poltergeist moment with all the disturbing eyes and head spinning), Toy Story 4 made me fall in love with the new characters.

It made me sit forward in my seat in anticipation.

It made me cringe and laugh.  It made me relate to the feeling of questioning your purpose sometimes.

And yes, I cried like I’d diced 1488 fresh onions right into my eye balls in the final ten minutes.

So who were my faves???

Duke Caboom Toy Story 4 Review_The Styling Mama

The word that Keanu Reeves with his deep drawly voice was going to be involved made me a little curious about the toy they’d conjured to match.  I really didn’t think a 1970’s stuntman would be the match but OMG it just works.

Duke Caboom is freaking hilarious.  He makes you cringe, love him and feel bad for him all at the same time with his cliche lines delivered in the perfect tone by Keanu.  He kinda reminds me of the delusional Buzz in the original movie.  Seriously, click on his image above and watch him in action.  HILARIOUS.

forky and woody toy story 4 review

Ahhhhh Forky. What do I say? (except that I think Forky has his own emoji.  AM I RIGHT????

Forky his his own emoji_The Styling MamaToy Story 4 Forky Emoji The Styling Mama


When he lays his cute little pipe cleaner hand on Gabby Gabby’s I’m pretty sure the whole audience melted.

His facials are priceless.

Aaaaaand the Oscar nomination for best supporting utensil goes to Forky.

I wanted to put a video of his best lines together, but I don’t think you can see them in isolation.  They need to be in context.

Toy Story 4 Review Bo Peep_The Styling Mama

Bo Peep is pretty cool IMO.  She even rocks pants, a cape and a first aid skunk this time around (yes, SKUNK).  I loooove that she won’t take crap from anyone but she’ll admit when she’s wrong.  Bo calls a spade a spade, and I feel like she’s found her purpose and her freedom in this movie.  And don’t worry, the awkies moments between her and Woody are still just as cute cringy 😉

PS she has some serious fighting skills.

I LOOOOOOVED the late introduction of Ducky and Bunny the carnival toys with a bit of ‘tude.  Clink the image for their opening scene (only if you want, no pressure…. but omg they crack me up).

Toy Story 4 Movie Review _ The Styling Mama

Ok, last but not least.

Even though he had a smaaalllllll part in this movie, Buttercup the Unicorn NAILED it with his penchant of sending Dad to jail.  Sarcasm was NEK LEVEL.  The kids will probably miss these ones, but those of us with more mature (?? ok forget mature, just more grown up) minds will get it.

I’ll be taking the kids back to see it again.  And buying it (for the kids of course…..)

A huge thanks to Shout Communications and to Disney Pixar for having us at their preview screening of Toy Story 4 in Brisbane yesterday.  What an amazing experience and an amazing movie.

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