Keeping memories alive – the perfect keepsake.

Posted by on March 7, 2017

What are the perfect keepsakes?

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that become a treasured keepsake.  It’s amazing how much you can treasure one thing as a permanent reminder, long after the moment has passed.

The most treasured keepsake of all

If this article is full of typos, it’s because I’m a big sook and get emotionally attached to inanimate objects so may randomly start sobbing and not be able to see the keyboard clearly.

I’m not even sure where to start for this story.  So I’ve started with some pics.

Transforming clothes into keepsakes Using a keepsake to manage grief and loss

Why keeping memories alive are so important

This is Soph at her 1st Birthday, back in Nov 2005.

(And yes, all our kids were baldies til they were nearly 2 lol)

The woman you see holding her is my Mum, who passed away just over a year later in 2007 from bloody, frickin – no words can describe how much I hate it –  breast cancer.

This was one of the last photos I have of her holding Sophie when she felt well after her diagnosis.

And so, over the years as I’ve donated or discarded Sophie’s clothes as she grew, I’ve held onto this special little dress.

I’ve kept it in my cupboard, in drawers, in the linen cupboard – and lately, in a box of old photos up in the roof.

This little dress reminds me of a time when I was lucky enough to have my Mum, and Sophie was lucky enough to have a Grandma that adored her.

***pause while I bawl my eyes out very unglamorously – I’m not a pretty crier.

I never really knew what I should do with the dress.  It felt wrong to keep it tucked away, out of sight, when it meant so much to me.

And then comes along a very spesh and talented lady, Nicoleta, who has spent the last 12mths building a business for sentimental people like me (and probably every other mum/daughter/auntie/person with emotions) – who places so much of their heart in one particular item.  Keepsakes by Nicoleta.

Nicoleta took this little dress, this little piece of my heart, and transformed it.

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How Nicoleta created the perfect keepsake

When I opened the package from Nicoleta, I cried.

Even worse than I’m crying right now.

I cried because finally that little dress had a purpose  (and we have a bit of a thing for elephants in my family).

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About Keepsakes by Nicoleta

I rant a lot about quality – about how small business owners put their heart and soul, and so much care into their products.

And it’s true – this is definitely not the same as a $10 stuffed toy from the big K.

AAAAMMMMAAAZING quality.  I’m definitely not a seamstress (as in, I use the iron on tape to hem clothes),  but I can tell when something is well made.

This little baby took FIVE HOURS to make.  FIVE HOURS.  Holy Moly.

We didn’t quite have enough fabric to do the whole Elephant, so Nicoleta gave me some options to choose from to add to it.

Even the extra pieces she uses are special – many of them are one of a kind, or no longer in print which means that the keepsake is even more spesh.

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When you hear about how a business started, and why – sometimes it makes you love a product even more.

Nicoleta’s Grandma had taught her to sew when she was just 6yrs old.  Which means she’s been bossing the Singer since she was old enough to reach the pedals.

While sewing can never replace the hole that losing a loved one leaves, it has helped Nicoleta feel close to her since she passed away 3 years ago.  She is keeping her memory alive.

And I’m crying again.

I think the beauty of a business like Keepsakes by Nicoleta is that they are perfect for so many reasons.  It can be as beautiful as creating a permanent reminder of a special point in our lives, from a wedding, a baby to a special person.

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Treasuring our keepsake instead of remembering a dress

Now every time I look at our elephant, I think of my Mum.  I remember her smiling as she held Sophie so tightly, with so much love.

People often talk about how we never use the “good china” or wear our “special dress”.  I think the same principle applies here. We need to stop keeping our special things tucked away.

On the 18th March 2007, it will have been 10yrs since Mum had to leave us.  There are no words to describe what this little elephant has done to ease the pain.  It almost seems like it was meant to be that Nicoleta and I crossed paths at this point.

Thanks Nicoleta for bringing such a special part of our memories to life.  We will treasure our Elephant always.

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Keepsakes by Nicoleta



Thanks Nicoleta for gifting this amazing Keepsake to our family.